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6th Feature at IFB Links à la Mode

I have been featured in the Independent Fashion Bloggers Links à la Mode for the sixth time. For those of you who don’t know, Links à la Mode is a feature Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) started to curate the weekly top links of blog posts of the members of the IFB community. It boasts over 60,000 members. I am humbled and honored to have been selected for the sixth time.

This post had cost me a lot on my image when I posted it and I am thankful that it was good enough, and relative enough, to have been selected by IFB for their feature.
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OUTFIT FOCUS: Kheriyan by M A K N A T E E S*

I am a sucker for local brands. Moreover, I’m a sucker for local brands that produce cool stuff that’s basically one of a kind and probably something not many people would opt for. I think it is one of the essentials of wanting to stand out; to wear things others would either not want, or would not dare to go for. But this time, I think i would say that the product in review is worth going for definitely.

MAKNATEES or M A K N A T E E S – Made in Pakistan, is the brand in focus right now. Continue reading


Outfit: Striped Kurta

I designed this kurta myself. It’s really hard to find a tailor who understands the need of a client. And i was lucky to have stumbled upon a tailor who understood what I wanted. The fit is great and the design he got almost right. Almost right is good in Pakistan, where tailors have the tendency to ruin outfits. Lucky me! Continue reading


Photo Diary: Kuch Khaas Farmer’s Market

I finally got a chance to visit the Farmer’s Market at Kuch Khaas. For those of you who don’t know; Kuch Khaas is a center of Art, Culture and Dialogue and one of the most happening places to be if you’re into creative expression. Also, I had interned there, so the place holds a special space in my heart. It felt great to be back.

So the Farmer’s Market is a weekly affair where local produce is sold. And the food, the food just makes it so much more worth the visit. It’s like an explosion of flavor. You just have to go there once. I think I’m gonna be going back a lot. Continue reading


On Compromising Creativity for Cash/Rewards

When my blog started to gain attention among the masses, I had no idea there’d come a time when I’d be writing for various brands when they would ask me to write for them. I wrote about them earlier on because I tend to write about the things I like, and when I came to the point of being approached by brands to write for them, I was excited because now it was not just me reaching out, but i was being given consideration as my words having value. But a really good advice a friends of mine gave me back then was

“Do not go commercial at this point in your life, you have too many other things to focus on”

and his advice has stuck to me like hot glue. Continue reading

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Menswear Trends from PLBW + TOP LOOKS

PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week concluded recently. Here I pick my favorite looks from the whole affair and interpret the little of the menswear trends we can adopt to from PLBW 2014 Continue reading

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STONEAGE A/W’14-15: A Cool Way to Handle the Chill

Fall is upon us and the air is beginning to get chilly. It’s about time we went out while a little bit of sun is shining and stock up on the winter wear that makes our wardrobe stand out. Of course, when walking downtown, one would wanna look absolutely fabulous, and would want to look good when going for a cup of coffee, but there is a certain feeling associated with the winter air that somehow, i feel, needs to be translated into what one is wearing. And good for us, that Stoneage offers us exactly that. Continue reading


NYFW S/S’15: When Consumers Direct Fashion

Fashion is one of those industries that is considered frivolous, self indulgent, and highly disconnected from the real world. People call it fake, superfluous, and something not for the masses. But what they forget to look at, is that fashion is so much more more than sparkly clothes and spotlighted threads. It’s about the much ignored part of everyone’s lives; growing up. And if time has shown us anything is that fashion has grown up to be something much much more than a grasp-able thing for a select few. Now it is for everyone. Now, everyone can contribute to it. Continue reading

9Lines Sunnies – A Unisex Appeal

I think 9lines is one of those brands that you just gotta have because it’s so unique and speaks volumes about one’s taste (read more here). It’s like, if I’ll have 9lines, i’ll be able to stand out from the crowd, and feel like I’m wearing something made just for me.

Group Shots (8) Continue reading

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4th Feature at IFB Links à la Mode: Werables

I am humbled and honored to have been selected the fourth time by the editors at Independent Fashion Bloggers for their weekly top links feature Links à la Mode. Continue reading


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