10 Spring/Summer Menswear Trends for 2014

White Wash Your Wardrobe

white clg

You know how you think of summer and it reminds you of coolness, well, white is as cool as it gets. This summer, brighten up your wardrobe with white. The color dominated the runway in all forms, but we got to see all white ensembles as well. Plus, if you’re skeptic about going all white, then you can add a little black to it. It’s just like being in a black and white old Hollywood movie!

Feel the Blues


When on vacations and road trips, the sky holds a charm for us. It’s fun to just sit and stare at it. And you can add the nostalgia of the sky in your wardrobe by going Blue. Blue is the color many labels opted for to bring out the summer feel in their collections; be it sunny mornings or late night parties in the breeze, blue will be the color to get you through it in style.

Blossoming Flowers


Everything blossoms in spring and the way the beauty transcends into summer, you can’t help but go out and smell a fresh flower or two. Flowers are the symbol of spring, and it’s a good thing the collections from the fashion weeks featured floral prints as a major trend. Adding the floral touch to your wardrobe will give it an easy, breezy, laid back vibe that is just perfect for the vacation season.

The Deal with Red

red clg

Sometimes you just crave to be bold and different, you just want to stand out and let the confidence ooze. No color does that better than Red. Red was a prominent color on the runways and adding something red would do wonders to your look. Even a simple red tee adds the much needed punch to your look. Go big, go confident, and go red!

Get your print on


With the incorporation of digitization in this era in almost everything, it’s time we showed it off in the clothes that we wear. While girls have been having fun with all the prints they get to don, it’s time for us guys to get our prints out in the open. The runways were a testament to the fact that printed outerwear is a must have this season and it’s better to go all crazy with whatever print you want to opt for.

Striping through summer


Getting lost in the fun. That is what summer is all about. And with the fun that stripes bring to your look, you can be sure to bring the style from the office to the beach with you. The stripes on the runway were available in all forms and looks; casual, business, resort, you name it. This trend is just the perk you need in your wardrobe to look dapper and cool at the same time.

Pull up the Pants

pants clg

A lot of times we go with the norm and forget that men have loads of options on how to wear their pants instead of the usual dress pants. For this season, the trend to hit the runway has been the high waisted pants. Sure, they end up looking like usual pants, but when you pull it up that high it adds an edge to your look that’s modern and dapper!

The Long Short Way


Summer wardrobe is incomplete without shorts. But this season is the season when the designers let it all loose and we now have the trend for long loose shorts. Beachwear just got more fun and sartorial. This trend gives you a look that screams “it is summer” and while you can go with the regular shorts, it won’t be as chic as this.

Sandals Galore

sandals clg

In Gossip Girl, Blair exhales that sandals are not real shoes. Well, guess what Blair? Sandals are the news shoes and they’re here to stay. The runways saw a plethora of shoes, but the footwear that left as the victor were the sandals. Sandals are available in all forms and, my personal favorite gladiators, will complete your summer look like no sneakers or loafers would. Sandals ftw!

Bag it out


Accessories are an integral part of a look and you can always put on a pair of sunnies to add the summer touch but this summer, go flinging the bag. The runways showed that any sartorially aware man would complete his summer look with a bag. The man bag, as it is called, is an appropriate addition, while you can always go along with the backpack or the tote bag. Yes, men, carrying a bag now is considered chic. And with one carrying an iPad around all the time, this trend could never have come at a better time.

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