PSFW2014 in .gifs


Sania Maskatiya: Safari in my Eyes

Inspiration: African sunsets, Bee hive, Elephants, palm trees.
Sania Maskatiya PSFW 2014 PFDC


Zara Shahjahan: Hugs from the Bugs

Inspiration: Fireflies, bugs collage, lion king hakuna mata bugs love!

Zara Shahjahan PSFW pfdc

Elan: Young and in Love like That

Inspiration : Hipster ducks, Vintage Phones, Cats dominating tumblr, and van gogh like strokes in ripples of water!


Khaadi Khaas: Flowers in My Hair

Inspiration: Vintage florals

Khaadi Khaas psfw pfdc

REPUBLIC by Omar Farooq: Old Bubblegum Wrap

Inspiration: Love for blue, 60’s window panes, Bubblegum flavor, Striped gift wrap.

REPUBLIC by Omar Farooq psfw pfdc


Ramp Images: Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly.

gifs made by me

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