5 Reasons to Love JEEM by Hamza Bokhari

Last year at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, Hamza Bokhari showed a killer collection titled White Indians, which was a part of his thesis collection at PIFD. It even made it to the Telegraph website here.

Now, a year of hard work later, Hamza B is back with his own label JEEM and here are the reasons one just can’t help but fall in love with it.

Like JEEM’s Facebook page here and can be bought at Fashion Pakistan Lounge, Lahore.

1. It’s magical, like fairy tale magical

Once you get to see the handiwork on it, you’ll be amazed. His bridals are amazing and it’s the perfect way to make your wedding magical.

Along with that, the detail of the work is worth noticing.




2. Aamna Ilyas modeled for it

Period. (Check out one of April’s Sunday Daily Times for the whole shoot)


3. It’s got the right amount of bling to not look overdone

Yes, it’s very important to maintain a balance and very easy to go overboard. With JEEM, you need not worry. It’ll give you just the perfectly needed shine!


4. Have you seen Hamza B’s previous work? It’s amazing

Like I said, his last year’s PSFW collection?

5. It’s the much needed change of looks we needed to see on the fashion sphere

Fly tall birdy, fly!

1534726_1421643461424518_304712982_o 10011634_1416188255303372_1914294400_o


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