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Main Paindu Hi Theek Hoon

That Paki Boy:

I spoke English and am now naturally inclined to think in that. But when I got out of my cocoon and entered the real world, I realized how important it is know your mother tongue. As a dentist, I see many patients in the hospital who don’t know how to speak urdu, and our seniors, they don’t know how to speak punjabi. So having spent the past 8 years out of my shell, I realized how lucky i am to have learnt all that i did. Sure, i look like a walking talking engraiz putla, but deep down, i know where myroots are.

Our obsession with the english language takes us away from our roots. Like katy perry say
“I don’t drink champagne
When I’m back home with my friends
We sip on tea on the porch
‘Cuz I’m still the girl next door
No fancy things when I come off tour
I slip back into my jeans
‘Cuz I’m still the girl next door,”

I realize how true this verse from her song Girl Next Door is. We forget that this is who we are, this is a part of our culture, and it is up to us to know it, learn it, and keep it alive. Being paindu is us, Being paindu is Pakistani and being Pakistani is Paindu. That’s one aspect of patriotism. And be proud to be a Pakistani…be proud to be a paindu.

Don’t let the glitter fool you. In the end, har koi gaon hi ho k reh jata hai!

Originally posted on بلاگ اے:

Main aik qasba main paida hua hoon jahan larkon aur larkiyon k liay 1, 1 govt. primary aur high schools thay aur baqi kuch private schools thay. Private schools main bhi co-education bas class 5 tak thi. Jahan koi public park na tha, 1 civil hospital tha aur kuch clinics. Jahan koi college na tha, matric k baad parhnay doosray shehr jana parta ya phir ghar beth k private exams. Jahan govt schools main bethne ko kursiyan na thein, danday parna, murgha ban k maar khana roz ka mamool tha. English tou door ki baat perfect Urdu bolnay aur parhaanay walay teachers bohat kam thay. Inter ki tution parhne bhi qareeb k kisi shehr rozana Bus main jana ana hota tha.
Maine 16 saal wahan raha, wahin parha aur Matric k baad F.Sc kerne Lahore chala gaya aur phir wahan se Karachi.

Shehr main aa ker mehsoos hua k bhai…

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One thought on “Main Paindu Hi Theek Hoon”

  1. We dont have to be ‘paindu’ to embrace our culture – our culture has alot of grace in it. Being paindu is being crass and uncultured which is why it’s looked down upon, I know tons of urdu speaking families that emphasise on the values of patriotism and are far from being paindu or being called that. It’s another matter altogether that some kids dont take interest in learning their language, you could be less pretentious about the whole matter – wasnt that the point of this post anyway?


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