Written for GQ India

published poet and writer (read all work here and here). I have also collaborated with Levi’s Pakistan, Dockers Pakistan, Bareeze MAN, Daraz.pk, Republic by Omar Farooq, and Sunday Magazine of The Daily Times Pakistan. I was also named one of the top bloggers of Pakistan by CityFM89


ex Potterhead, sorry, A POTTERHEAD TILL DEATH!

fashion is…ummm…..necessary?

boots never leave my body

vintage lover

tree hugger!

the guy who has his iPod on 24/7

I feel short even though I’m almost 5’11


rumored hipster

bedroom pop lover



paradoxically introvert

Just trying to be me

please let me be

This is my world
This is my world

58 thoughts on “About”

  1. *Sniff* Even if things don’t unfold the way you expected, don’t be disheartened or give up. One who continues to advance will win in the end.
    Life isn’t a water flow where things move smoothly and can manage to adopt the shortest possible route. You’ve a long way to go. A blend of glum and glee. But finally you’ll win to live the dream you’ve always had. I am with you, eh. ;)
    Anyhow, the unusual way of introducing yourself, I liked. I liked.


  2. “a vanished life he plans to live” – wow, those are resounding words. They really echo. The whole poem is good, but those last words reside.


  3. Okay. Five nine is short, for boys, So you better start up on Horlicks or Complan or whatever that is. You’re two inches longer than me, and I’m a girl, so that is something to fret about.

    Anyway, that is a good blog you have here. And Beesahified is Haseeb turned around with “ified” added?
    Not very impressive. Took me a long time to wonder what it was.


    1. I know. I’m gonna change it soon. Give me time. I’m in the process of going premium, just saving up. Also, I know! I feel so short! But people say I’m tall. I’m 5’9 but that’s rounding off, else I’m almost 5’10 :P


  4. That was some brief and cozy introduction. *pats on the shoulder*
    Nevertheless, you’re an ‘ex-potter head*? *eyebrow raised*


      1. That’s commendable but I was hoping for a year, not your age when you started. :P I was most actively involved with the circle during 2005-2008 or 2009. After that, my dental degree started and I stopped keeping up with the new writers.


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