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Evolution as a Person and Its Projection Through Fashion

When we’re growing up, we rarely see the things that we experience as changing us to our cores. But at the same time, our cores remain the same. I think it is very essential to evolve as a human being. You cannot just stay at one point in your life and not see the ability to grow into something better, or sometimes worse, over time. Time passes, so should we. With the passage of time, so should our skins, and we should allow ourselves to evolve.

Evolution is inevitable if one needs to progress in life. That phase of monotony, where everything is just how it is, and a person is doing the same thing over and over, it’s just so…stagnant. To be able to absorb the world, as it keeps on shifting, and the incorporating the desired and needed changes in one’s self is what keeps us afloat as humans. To evolve is human. And evolution is necessary to survive.

In fashion, this very well may be called adapting to the trends. But who makes these trends? Who calls the shots? If we look at the various designers and labels, we see how it happens. Inspiration, Creativity, Work, and Individuality account for all the things that make one person’s work stand apart from another’s and evolve on it’s own.

We saw YSL do it in his time. If you’ve seen the new biopic based on his life, we see how over time, YSL evolved as a human being and it translated into his work. Similarly, this is what Karl Lagerfeld is doing to Chanel. He’s making an age old label relevant in today’s time. Thanks to the human ability to evolve, fashion is evolving. If it weren’t for the ability of these people to grow as humans, we would never see fashion grow. And we’d never have the Moschino that Jeremy Scott is giving us. This is what Christopher Bailey is doing to Burberry, and Hedi Slimane is doing with YSL. They’re letting the labels they work for, evolve. Evolve to be relevant, evolve to be human.

Hedi Slimane did to YSL what can clearly be aimed at the label’s inclination to appeal to the instagram addicted youth of today.

Sure, anyone can make the staples, or the little black dress, but to turn a piece of clothing into a work of art; that is what these people have been doing. And along with the evolution that they’ve been going through, they’ve held on to the things that make them stand out, thus creating their signatures.

In Pakistan, we have seen the new age designers such as Akif Mehmood, Fahad Hussayn and Ali Xeshan evolve into something that speaks volumes of their artistic growth. The veterans, Mahin Khan, Rizwan Beyg, Sana Safinaz, etc have all proved how their labels have evolved into something that’s their signature.

Ali Xeeshan
Ali Xeeshan

Similiary, we have our style icons. Surely they didn’t get to their lime-lightened spots because they were able to be great and awesome from the start. They evolved! Alexa Chung, The Blonde Salad, Adam Gallagher, Rihanna, Blake Lively etc are living examples of how fashion evolves as the human beings evolve. It just shows.

Growth is regardless of age. It happens even when the bones stop growing, but the mind absorbs. The mind’s ability to let the human being create something out of it is amazing. In fashion, this is how we get great collections every year.

Even if we look at ourselves, as fashion bloggers or fashionistas, we see that with the passage of time, our wardrobes evolve into this huge projection of how we feel and what we have become. As we grow and change, so do our wardrobes.

If it weren’t for the human ability to evolve, we’d be stuck at a point where everyone would look the same, feel the same because they’d be donning the same. And a true fashionista would never let that happen, right? So one just HAS to evolve. Fashion, and life, call for it.

This Eid, Do Simple, Go plain – MY PICKS

I have always felt more inclined towards more simple eastern wear. Sure, sherwani’s look great with bling and what not, but when it comes to everyday attire, or even special occasions like weddings or Eid, I have opted for subtle show, or maybe even a plain and simple kurta/qameez.

Lucky for me that this year, a lot of the mainstream brands have opted for simpler eastern wear for their Eid collections. With various colors, ranging from orange to sea green, there’s a lot to going on that can perk up your wardrobe!

Bonanza: PC Aamna Isani
Bonanza: PC Aamna Isani

Here’s a list of my picks for where to shop at for Eid this year.

  • Gul Ahmed
  • Bonanza


  • REPUBLIC (made to order)
  • Sania Maskatiya
  • Amir Adnan
  • HSY
  • Emran Rajput

Have a fashionable Eid guys!

Paris Menswear Backstage + Trends

Givenchy - Trends: monochrome tailoring, men’s and women’s sportswear-styled pieces and updated uniforms.
Givenchy – Trends: monochrome tailoring, men’s and women’s sportswear-styled pieces and updated uniforms.
Dior - Trends: Bohemian meets bourgeois, pinstriped suits mixed with deconstructed denim pieces, an arty edge alongside a new take on sailor stripes and boat shoes paired with a tuxedos.
Dior – Trends: Bohemian meets bourgeois, pinstriped suits mixed with deconstructed denim pieces, an arty edge alongside a new take on sailor stripes and boat shoes paired with a tuxedos.
Haider Ackerman - Trends: layers of rich material for a five-star boho nomad look.
Haider Ackerman – Trends: layers of rich material for a five-star boho nomad look.
Hermes - Trends: florals, vibrant colors and graphic details.
Hermes – Trends: florals, vibrant colors and graphic details.
Kris Van Assche - Trends: pants ripped at the knee, mix & match prints and cut-off ties
Kris Van Assche – Trends: pants ripped at the knee, mix & match prints and cut-off ties
Lanvin - Trends: Leather Inserts, Visible Stitching, Somber pallatte
Lanvin – Trends: Leather Inserts, Visible Stitching, Somber pallatte
Louis Vuitton - Trends: preppy style, military cuts and utilitarian jumpsuits.
Louis Vuitton – Trends: preppy style, military cuts and utilitarian jumpsuits.
Rick Owens - Trends: exploring animality and sensuality through costume and make-up.
Rick Owens – Trends: exploring animality and sensuality through costume and make-up.
Raf Simons - Trends: collages of inspiration, fabrics from the collection and the off-the-wall hair styles.
Raf Simons – Trends: collages of inspiration, fabrics from the collection and the off-the-wall hair styles.
Paul Smith - Trends: blazers, fringing, satin fabrics and off-the-wall prints with casual looks
Paul Smith – Trends: blazers, fringing, satin fabrics and off-the-wall prints with casual looks
Trends: printed silks and embellishments.
Valentino – Trends: printed silks and embellishments.
Kenzo - Trends: Parisian chic meets urban New York style, colorful looks and large polka dots.
Kenzo – Trends: Parisian chic meets urban New York style, colorful looks and large polka dots.
Dries Van Noten: Inspired by dancer Rudolf Nureyev and the Russian Ballet
Dries Van Noten: Inspired by dancer Rudolf Nureyev and the Russian Ballet

Of Ramadan and Family – Pepsi TVC is heart touching

That Paki Boy:

My guest blog post on Umairica! Check it out guys!

Originally posted on UMAIRICA:

Pepsi’s Ramadan TVC is beautiful.  The very first time I saw it, I couldn’t resist tweeting about how good and apt it was in today’s times.  I, who mostly iftars with family and don’t remember when was the last time I did an Iftar without family, Haseeb Sultan in contrast has missed out on many a times feasting with his family,was touched by Pepsi TVC.

I asked him to why not share his heart out in a blogpost and he agreed.

10487232_10152218996507496_1451226021644580297_n (1)Haseeb Sultan is a blogger at THAT PAKI BLOG .  Considered as one of the best Fashion bloggers in Pakistan by Sunday Times , Haseeb is a sweet heart friend and a published poet who loves reading, writing, music and of course fashion.

Here we go, a very first guest post of Sultan Abdul Haseeb on UMAIRCA

“I think it is only natural that as you grow, you grow apart from your family. Yet that…

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Dream Bigger

That Paki Boy:

Its what I sometimes go through too. But i think the point is to not give up, and not be overwhelmed by the things that come by. Don’t lose your head and stay humble and try to be modest

Originally posted on Adorned in Armor:


“We must dream so big that without the support that comes through favor with God and man, we could never accomplish what is in our hearts”

I read that line in an article from the that my mom ripped out for me.

I’ve been complacent. I’ve gotten complacent with my spiritual life, with this blog, with life in general. This is an extremely dangerous thing to do because when you’re bored and you don’t know why…what do you do?

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Top 5 Collections at Milan Menswear Fashion Week + Trends Off the Runway

With LCM behind us, Milan steps up its menswear game by giving us a number of big names to look forward to. While some brands stuck to their signatures in their new collections, others experimented. But what came to behold was the fact that unlike LCM, MFW had to offer a more subtle and an understated feel to its collections. Surely, the street style blogs are an indication that the man at those shows liked his wardrobe dapper, and while is not afraid to experiment, he would still prefer to go for normcore any day and take whatever normalcy the clothes have to offer instead of making a statement.  Some of the labels did make a statement - Vivienne Westwood – but most of the labels stuck to catering to the common man needs.

In these terms, the following five collections were fun, visually appealing and at the same time very very wearable.

Marc Jacobs

marc jacobs menswear spring summer  s/s 2015 milan

Expect the collection to be a step out of the comfort zone of the contemporary man, and be prepared to shatter those expectations. The collection was love at first sight, and while pastels dominated the other runways, we got see the emergence of a new color; flamingo pink. With the flamingo print shirt rocking the social media waves, this collection featured light tones of other colors such as blue, brown but the various shades of flamingo hues and the prints is what makes the collection stand out. It was very dapper, and effective in making a statement with the sharp suits and jackets.


fendi menswear milan spring summer 2015 ss

Think basics. and then think individuality. Yes, functionality of the everyday wardrobe, with a hint of colors. With the common man now being on the go all the time, it only made sense to give the models earphones (A collaboration with Beats by Dre). What’s specifically summery about this collection is the relaxed fit and the footwear – sandals. With earthy, neutral tones and the basic of every menswear wardrobe, the collection featured denim, leather, wool all incorporated effectively, and stylishly, to give a youthful feel to an old men’s wardrobe. The colors were neither too dull, nor too bright, and had the effect they were aiming for; a stylish metropolitan guy you’d run into on the subway!


gucci menswear milan spring summer ss 2015

Stripes and black and white, the Gucci show was a step away from the regular Gucci collections. But this collection appeals for it’s use of the sailor concept that executes into the way the youth of today might get into it. While a lot of people are not on board for the collection being so dull, cliched and tried, I think the collection is reaching out to the social media infested man, who would take his labels, his style, and his statement seriously, even if it is a collection defying the regular image connected with Gucci. Call it an anti-hipster mentality, but cliched is not being done by anyone else right now, and for that fact, the stripes, the sailor theme, and the black and white attire works so perfectly. And it doesn’t hurt that it was an extremely wearable collection!


prada menswear milan spring summer 2015 ss

Prada went the retro road with it’s S/S’15 collection and the result was amazing.  With denim jackets and the coats, the collection seemed like a modern form of the western attire. Yes, it was denim, but we also got to see embellishments and leather that seemed to indicate that there’s a thin line between menswear and womenswear, with the few girls thrown in to highlight it. The stripes and the plaid added to the retro vibe. But the collection itself was very adaptable to the concept it was trying to execute. And the fact that it was werable, that doesn’t hurt, does it? Because in the end, no matter what happens, and how much theatrics a collection displays, if the collection doesn’t sell, what’s the use?

Les Hommes

les hommes menswear milan spring summer ss 2015

Dark, grungy, youthful and black. With hints of yellow and grey. Yes, and the cuts of the clothes, the stripes and the prints make this collection a visual treat for someone who like his clothes tones down (me!). the collection had a very boyish vibe to it that appeals to the younger lot, and not the working man, while it might attract them too with it’s sharp suits and casual jackets, it’s essentially a modern sophisticated punk collection.



stripes menswear trends


vests menswear

earthy tones

earthy tones menswear


pink menswear


yellow menswear

Copycats continue to thrive in 2014

Originally posted on aamiriat:

I must have been writing a post like this one for the 1000th time, but sometimes it just becomes inevitable. Pakistani designers and brands have to somehow man up and stop shamelessly copying foreign brands. Back in 2013 a newspaper article picked up my post as a news story regarding Sana Safinaz copying a Zara pant’s print and brought me to notoriety. Then there was a flood of others (Hira Lari, Tabassum Mughal and Amna Aqeel) copying everything from Balmain to being heavily inspired by others.As I said before people in the industry spot and know of many more but they don’t want to severe ties, so in come people like myself who are always up to naming shaming such culprits.

copycats 2014

Even though I have apparently reformed and resorted to content of other sort, some folks with keen eyes spotted these and here I am showcasing them in…

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2nd Feature at Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Links à la Mode

So my post 5 INNOVATIVE COLLECTIONS AT LONDON COLLECTIONS MEN + TRENDS FROM LCM got selected at IFB’s weekly top links round up and i cannot be more happy. You can check out the feature here.

And check out the amazing thought provoking posts other bloggers have been selected for. They’re worth reading (of course, every post IFB selects, is)!


What Truths Beneath

Underneath all the glamor and glitz of fashion and beauty, there is the truth. We’re all just winging it. Whether you’re thinking you need to get your act together in making better decisions, or you need to get your closet all organized there are things you can do to get straight in your head that will inevitably make you straight with your relationship to fashion. This week we have some fantastic links that help to think about fashion in a completely new way. So grab your cup of iced coffee and read these amazingly thought provoking posts.

Links a la Mode: June 26th

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Confabbing with male models-1

Originally posted on aamiriat:

As I sat out to learn more about men’s fashion in Pakistan and the people who run the show. I found that male models happened to be a most sought after yet the least known out of all the industry players.  As you dig for information you encounter the customary saucy rumors, cold shoulders, bad grammar and things I deem inappropriate to write here. So for almost 3 months I sent out questionnaires to leading male models in Pakistan that contained variety of questions ranging from alleged casting couches to their thoughts about longevity of male modelling career and everything in between.male model interviews

Part 1 includes interviews from Jahan E Khalid, Shahzad Noor, and Sheraz Sikander.

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5 Innovative Collections at London Collections Men + Trends From LCM

London Colletions Men kicks off the menswear shows of the season and we always see the aristocratic, elegant and gentlemanly collections that we expect LCM to show. But along with that, there are some collections who make things a little more fun, and present to us an imagery the world takes as a granted part of menswear. If there’s anything that LCM proves, is that the man of today is not afraid to take risk, be artistic and make his wardrobe a cool place of envy.

I present my list of the collections that did just that. Unusual collections with a side to them that’s creative conceptualization translated in its best form.

KATIE EARY: Peace Out!

Katie Eary S/S'15 LCM London Spring Summer London 2014 2015

Taking a whole new spin at the 70′s, Katie Eary’s S/S’15 collection featured a colorful world of the cowboy who just might not be into bull riding, but prefers peace over anything. And along with peace, is into an array of colors; preferably sunset. Ombre hues of the sun dominated the tops, and the patterns seem to take inspiration from the sea creatures; with fish skeletons and fins. Don’t forget the cowboy staple; denim. yes, people like that exist, it’s not always about following your ancestors and traditions, we can take two cultures and mix them up to create harmony; and in the collection’s case, something beautiful!


Xander Zhou: Hormonal Balance

Xander Zhou S/S'15 LCM Summer Spring London 2015

With a dark collection, Xander Zhou maintained a simple aesthetic appeal to a probable manic collection that was down to earth and spoke volumes with the designs. It was a collection meant for the young adult, with all the hormones raging in, and the obsession with pop culture. But how it differs is the interpretation in a dark way. It was in short, a dark depiction of the years where one is going through so much psychological evolution, it’s dark and bright at the same time. And the glitter seemed to depict the fun times, even though it was shades of dark rage.


SIBLING: Fitting In By Making Space

Sibling S/S'15 LCM Summer Spring London 2015

Another one of the collections aimed at the young mind, but putting a different spin  on it. Sibling’s S/S’15 collectiona was an ode to the effed up mind of a teenager where fitting in is hard when you are so different. But it gave a message that it is ok if you are weird, be yourself and you’ll be beautiful. It’s all about embracing the ugly, and sticking to your beliefs. It’s ok to rebel and not be a part of the crowd. While the message came out strong in weird stringy silhouettes and the graphic skeleton prints and the bone necklaces, the collection was aimed at a more sickly part of young adult life where punk rules, and in an absolutely deconstructed, ripped up way; just like life itself.


MAN: Childhood Collage of Memories

MAN S/S'15 LCM Spring Summer 2015 London

We know it is three designers that present in a single show. But what we need to know is how beautifully the concepts merge into each other. With MAN’s focus being on childhood memories since long, this collection was an ode to the collage infested walls of our rooms from childhood memories, with stickers on our backpacks. And in these backpacks, we pack our memories of youth and take to the metropolitans of the world where we get lost in the fine patterns of the buildings. But hey, Bobby Abley knows we have everything on iTunes and DVD, so why not go watch The Little Mermaid and relive those memories from our childhood?


Christopher Shannon: Filling the Empty Gaps

Christopher Shannon S/S'15 Spring LCM Summer London 2015 2014

While our dads read newspapers, all we did was make words out of headlines and the mashed up versions of the fonts got engraved in our heads. Then we came up with fonts mixing it all and gave it all to the digital world to use. With a laid back attitude to one’s life where everything just comes along and happens, it leaves emtpy spaces to be filled by one’s own mind. Christopher Shannon’s S/S’15 collection was an ode to the time when windows were open and small was big, and innocence prevailed. The loose shirts and the long shorts exude an easy breezy vibe, that is reminiscent of childhood summers.

Now that I look at the collections, I notice how youth and childhood seems to be such a common theme among them all. I think nobody grows out of their memories, and somehow is looking for a way to express something close to their hearts. Also, it is a great market move. Nowadays, social media has made the ability to have it all in reach of youngsters, and the bigger consumers of the day are them. So it only seems right to target them. Sure, you can wear a suit and look dapper, but can you make a statement. With so many social hierarchies and divisions, it only makes sense to target the underdogs, the people who are different and don’t conform to the norms.


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