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In Conversation with Yousaf Shahbaz about Personal Style

Originally appeared on Siddy Says on 16th June 2015, linked here. This is the unedited version

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I’m Quitting Blogging

There are times in life when you feel like you work so hard and so much on something and it turns out into this beautiful existence that gives one so much to fall back on. But then just like some friendships, this relationship turns toxic and ends up hurting you more than you realized. Continue reading I’m Quitting Blogging

Versace Does Shalwar Qameez; Among Other Asian Influences

When I read this piece in Tribune about how the new Versace collection is inspired by “Pakistan’s National Dress” I felt like the title was misleading the people into believing what the collection was about by showing just a piece of the picture. While I do believe Shalwar Qameez is a part of the inspiration for the collection, the main inspiration behind the collection actually is the Adventure that is Asia. India could very well say the same thing since come one, even Indians wear the kurta and qameez.Recently Updated7-001 Continue reading Versace Does Shalwar Qameez; Among Other Asian Influences

Brand Crush: NEFER

Essentially a women’s brand, I have fallen in love with the bags of NEFER by Nefer Sehgal. I think one can put a unisex spin on her work and carry them as a man. I believe she has the imagination that can merge the craft of making bags with art. In fact, I find her pieces as works of art. Continue reading Brand Crush: NEFER

Links a la Mode Feature – With Dappistan

I recently interviewed Shayan of Dappistan for my blog and he gave an amazing interview. Looks like the interview was so good, it got picked up by Independent Fashion Bloggers  and I am so happy to share the news with you that it’s my 20th feature at Links a la Mode and I am so happy that this interview with Dappistan turned out the way it did as I got really good feedback. Read on for the whole feature! Continue reading Links a la Mode Feature – With Dappistan

LCM: Collections That Made Statements

London Collections Men (LCM) recently ended and sticking to their roots, the Brits showed a great amount of suits and coats, but it wasn’t the monotony of the silhouette that interests me, I have always gone for more challenging collection, collections that mean something and can be called art. Of course, Burberry was beautiful, and one cannot deny that it was an amazing collection. But what I’m interested in is how designers redefine norms through their collection, and help us see the world we can relate to. The following collections did that for me. Continue reading LCM: Collections That Made Statements