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A Peak Into My Blogging Process

Natasah over at Allure by N was talking about her blogging process and provide insight into her blog and how she does it through a virtual tour, and she was kind enough to ask me to explain to you guys how i and my blog work through a series of questions. And here they are Continue reading A Peak Into My Blogging Process

What I Learned in Four Years of Blogging

This is Pakistan. We are a developing nation and we will be transitioning a lot, and i think it is better to keep our feet on the ground while we aim for the stars. While blogging may seem like a glamorous job, with all the event invites and the red carpets and the freebies, know that it is a very very hard job. It needs your energy and time and your dedication. You just cannot give up on it. You can lose yourself in the fun of it all. Know that you have a life besides instagram, and that life should come first.

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Fickleness of Weirdness in Fashion

cd31edc830e3f3fa785cdcff688de32cIt scares me how self absorbed everyone is becoming. I think a lot of it stems from the fact that our generation wants every one of them to be special. We want to make history. Every one of us wants to leave a mark. And this makes us self absorbed to a a point where it just becomes unbearable.

I have been observing a lot of people like this. Specially the people in fashion. In fashion, everyone aspires to be “some thing”, something so different and unique. Uniqueness is what a lot of individuals in fashion strive for. And in this quest of trying to be different, there’s some personality traits of the people that get washed out in monotony. And that monotony is how they try and break the stereotype, all of the guys, and in turn end up creating a new stereotype that I sometimes question if it is the right way to go about it. Being unique is awesome, but somewhere along the way of trying to be different we get lost in the uniqueness, we lose ourselves. Continue reading Fickleness of Weirdness in Fashion

On Monsoon and Reality Checks

Waking up to a bright sun is something one rarely gets to experience in monsoon. But sometimes, it need not be August to rain like it does in monsoon. I know it’s a cliched expression; but yes, for some people it’s rain 24/7 in their hearts. Their bodies wreak of stagnant tear drops, and the sun never comes out to dry them out of their gloom. It just seems nice to stay back in bed, sleep all day and do nothing. It’s the perfectly seeming way out of this world. The sun’s not out, so it’ll be muddy, it’ll not be a normal day. It’s not right. You’re just not right. Everything’s just not right.

Yes, it’s very poetic and all. But our miseries do not make us who we are. What makes us who we are is the ability to get out of the bed, jerk the tear drops away, wear the rain boots and the rain coat, and grab that umbrella and step out into the world.

Our umbrella’s will be our shelter from the downpour; the things that hurt us. Our boots will give us the grip to hold on to the ground, and walk through the mud, walk on the ground. And as we wait for the rain to stop it just keeps on getting stronger and stronger. It makes things hard for us; it makes life hard for us. But that’s how it is. This is your reality. The rain is your reality. the mud covered, broken side walks are your only option. But hey, you just can’t make it.

You think you can’t. But you can.

You can walk through the storms, even if it’s not monsoon. That’s just how life is for you. You will get out of this bed, this cocoon of misery, and you will get out and show the rain you can conquer it. You can get through the day. And when you reach the place you wanted to go to, the struggle will have been worth it.

Or would it?

The time lost, the energy spent, the days spent worrying, the stress endured, the emptiness felt, the vacuum flushed into the life, the wrinkles ironed, the hair that fell; is it worth it?

And you call this being in touch with reality?

Maybe losing one’s self is the reality. Maybe the rain might not wash us down, but it washes us inside out, and leaves us hollow and empty.

It’s scary. Reality.

But we love the rain. It’s so romantic. The  idea of it. Don’t we?

We love our lives, no?

Also, sunshine is overrated.

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Main Paindu Hi Theek Hoon

That Paki Boy:

I spoke English and am now naturally inclined to think in that. But when I got out of my cocoon and entered the real world, I realized how important it is know your mother tongue. As a dentist, I see many patients in the hospital who don’t know how to speak urdu, and our seniors, they don’t know how to speak punjabi. So having spent the past 8 years out of my shell, I realized how lucky i am to have learnt all that i did. Sure, i look like a walking talking engraiz putla, but deep down, i know where myroots are.

Our obsession with the english language takes us away from our roots. Like katy perry say
“I don’t drink champagne
When I’m back home with my friends
We sip on tea on the porch
‘Cuz I’m still the girl next door
No fancy things when I come off tour
I slip back into my jeans
‘Cuz I’m still the girl next door,”

I realize how true this verse from her song Girl Next Door is. We forget that this is who we are, this is a part of our culture, and it is up to us to know it, learn it, and keep it alive. Being paindu is us, Being paindu is Pakistani and being Pakistani is Paindu. That’s one aspect of patriotism. And be proud to be a Pakistani…be proud to be a paindu.

Don’t let the glitter fool you. In the end, har koi gaon hi ho k reh jata hai!

Originally posted on بلاگ اے:

Main aik qasba main paida hua hoon jahan larkon aur larkiyon k liay 1, 1 govt. primary aur high schools thay aur baqi kuch private schools thay. Private schools main bhi co-education bas class 5 tak thi. Jahan koi public park na tha, 1 civil hospital tha aur kuch clinics. Jahan koi college na tha, matric k baad parhnay doosray shehr jana parta ya phir ghar beth k private exams. Jahan govt schools main bethne ko kursiyan na thein, danday parna, murgha ban k maar khana roz ka mamool tha. English tou door ki baat perfect Urdu bolnay aur parhaanay walay teachers bohat kam thay. Inter ki tution parhne bhi qareeb k kisi shehr rozana Bus main jana ana hota tha.
Maine 16 saal wahan raha, wahin parha aur Matric k baad F.Sc kerne Lahore chala gaya aur phir wahan se Karachi.

Shehr main aa ker mehsoos hua k bhai…

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Sometimes You Have to Love in the Moment and Enjoy it. Not Instagram it.


I love where i live. But sometimes, I just like to absorb the view and bathe in the beauty. When you take a picture of a certain moment of beauty, you invade the moment. You don’t live in it anymore. It’s like you’re not in that dimension, and are trying to be in two places at once. It’s not good. Living in the moment is so pure, so human, so natural – taking a picture just might take all the fun away. For that one moment, for that one snap, you are not in THAT moment. And it’s just not worth it…

On Menswear and Rain

As it rains, and i don full sleeves even midway through may, I stare out my window in the car. With Bon Iver playing in through my pod, I look out and see the amazing view that just stands there. Romantic. And I love it. It’s a sight that evokes emotions in me. And I want to be able to capture it. But knowing me, I naturally incline towards fashion.  I think

This is a perfect background for a photo shoot. But would anyone use it for menswear?

Menswear shoots in Pakistan tend to be more macho, and there’s this stereotypical approach towards menswear fashion photography not just in Pakistan but also the whole world. While I see trends changing and male models adopting to a more “softer” look in some of the shoots, the prevalence of the macho hunk might take some time to get over.

The stereotypical male model figure that seems to be dominating everyone’s attention and rules the world

Women get to have so much fun with their clothes and their photo shoots range from exotic locations like amazing amazonian back drops to then donning a motorcycle jacket and slipping out to an adventure. Girls just wanna have fun, and they do. Guys, on the other hand, have nothing to them if they don’t come up to a certain stereotype of the male body. Yes, that’s what models are for, but if we can have plus size female models on the covers of a few magazines, then what’s wrong with menswear delving into the more softer side of the world.

Vogue Russia

I’m not stating go all feminine, I was just wondering how to use such backdrops and incorporate them into a collection. What’s wrong with not being rugged for a while, what’s wrong with showing a vulnerability to your photos, a soft nature enhanced look that just…makes the whole thing look beautiful.


There are some people and some photographers, brands and magazines (Bergdorf’s shoots in particular) that seem to be enhancing the softer side of menswear. And the trends are speaking out too. Pastels and florals have been dominating the runways, shoots, magazines and so many collections everywhere.  Things are changing. But It’d be nice to see more of the embracement of this particular (softer) side of menswear here in Pakistan.

Bergdorf’s Spring/Summer Menswear


The best thing happened to Pakistan Idol : PEPSI !

Originally posted on UMAIRICA:

So many music contests have come and gone and as were there winners and nobody even remembers them.. What a waste and that’s why my blog title makes sense. Whatever that Pepsi touches in Pakistan turns into gold. Be it cricket in early days and even today and of course music, Pepsi has played a vital role in making stars whom we fall in love with and became fans of. It won’t be wrong if I say that Pepsi gave life to Pakistani music. It was only until Pepsi came into the picture that we saw Vital Signs become bigger and better, how can we even forget Pepsi Top of the Pops, which gave the biggest boost to the Pakistani pop music industry and then came battle of the bands and of course endorsing all the fantastic bands and singers .. wow Pepsi ! Thanks for promoting the talent ‘NONSTOP’!



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