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Photo Diary – Abbottabad

The reason I wanted to edit photos as such is for the mere feeling of memories. It’s a place close to my heart, and my soul. The leaves, the trees, the grass, the fields, everything natural about it. It’s a small city, easy to love.

For those of you who don’t know, I spent five years at a boarding school. While i have talked about how bullied I was there, i found solace in loneliness, and nature. I grew up around it since my childhood, and I have this strange connection to it, like I just can’t let go.

So this is how I tend to see things. And I hope i can stay this way.

When you enter the place, my school, the building has this old vibe to it; the rock build, the vines, the old wood. It's just beautiful!
When you enter the place, my school, the building has this old vibe to it; the rock build, the vines, the old wood. It’s just beautiful!
The vines
The vines
when you get to the buildings below, you see how immersed in nature everything is. Even the houses seem like they’re a part of the jungle.
The backyards
When you enter the main building, you can see how old it is. there’s vines even inside!
Views into the class windows
Views into the class windows
When I went to have tea in the mess
When I went to have tea in the mess
When it’s saturday night, the students get to go out. When it was my time, I went into the fields and just lay in the grass singing to myself and looking up at the stars, sometimes the moon.

Some Shots: Suburgatory

Static life. Desi lifestyle mingling with the western electricity. Cars standing in the garages. Moms have nothing to do but gossip. Concrete walls absorbed in the trees. While the horses gallop in the fields surrounding this stagnant world.


This is the Pakistani Suburbia. Miles away from the cities. Miles away from humanity…

Sometimes You Have to Love in the Moment and Enjoy it. Not Instagram it.


I love where i live. But sometimes, I just like to absorb the view and bathe in the beauty. When you take a picture of a certain moment of beauty, you invade the moment. You don’t live in it anymore. It’s like you’re not in that dimension, and are trying to be in two places at once. It’s not good. Living in the moment is so pure, so human, so natural – taking a picture just might take all the fun away. For that one moment, for that one snap, you are not in THAT moment. And it’s just not worth it…

PSFW2014 in .gifs


Sania Maskatiya: Safari in my Eyes

Inspiration: African sunsets, Bee hive, Elephants, palm trees.
Sania Maskatiya PSFW 2014 PFDC


Zara Shahjahan: Hugs from the Bugs

Inspiration: Fireflies, bugs collage, lion king hakuna mata bugs love!

Zara Shahjahan PSFW pfdc

Elan: Young and in Love like That

Inspiration : Hipster ducks, Vintage Phones, Cats dominating tumblr, and van gogh like strokes in ripples of water!


Khaadi Khaas: Flowers in My Hair

Inspiration: Vintage florals

Khaadi Khaas psfw pfdc

REPUBLIC by Omar Farooq: Old Bubblegum Wrap

Inspiration: Love for blue, 60’s window panes, Bubblegum flavor, Striped gift wrap.

REPUBLIC by Omar Farooq psfw pfdc


Ramp Images: Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly.

gifs made by me

Killing the Shy Away: My LookBook

I have never posted my looks on my blog. Ever. I just figured it’s time I expanded it all and posted them. All of these looks have already been posted on my instagram here (follow me here).  And I just thought it’d be time to post them on the blog.

Enjoy my short portfolio that i had to force my little brother to shoot. I’m camera shy though (except selfies i never post, my phone is filled with them)

Chen One Jumper Levi's pants
Chen One Jumper
Levi’s pants
Jacket: Custom Made Shirt: Gifted (wink) Pants: Levi's
Jacket: Custom Made
Shirt: Gifted (wink)
Pants: Levi’s
Handmade Jacket Bonanza trousers Local School Jumper Bag: KAUFMANN
Handmade Jacket
Bonanza trousers
Local School Jumper
Levi's Jeans Denim Jacket 9lines Beatles Tease custom made club masters
Levi’s Jeans
Denim Jacket
9lines Beatles Tease
custom made club masters


Bonanza Top Rayban Wayfarers
Bonanza Top
Rayban Wayfarers

Background Images: Hipsterwall

Street Style: The Pakistani Way – Pakistan Street Style

Street style is a very underrated part of the Pakistani fashion world and while i admire the amazing ensembles people don everyday, I wanted to be able to document it. And I didn’t do it. But someone else did and she’s doing an awesome job at it!

Well, instagram has always been a great medium to show off your outfits and somebody is  out there hunting for the best pakistani looks up there. That is @PakistanStreetStyle. And they repost them to show off to the world. And in a month and a half month, this blog now boats 1600+ followers as of today and they keep increasing day by day!

Follow the blog here.

I had an opportunity to speak to her and her about why she got into promoting pakistani street style and here she tells me

There were a few reasons why I started it. First one being that I love fashion and I enjoy seeing how different people put outfits together. Secondly I wanted a way for like minded Pakistanis to connect. Thirdly, I wanted Pakistanis to have a platform to share their style, I mean there are a billion similar blogs for arab fashion but none for us and I felt we were being ignored. Also I wanted to show a different side of Pakistan. All you see in the news is all the negative stuff going on and while it’s heart breaking, I wanted something positive and fun for people to enjoy. Lastly I wanted people to see that there are modern and normal Pakistanis around, not just the kind that wish death to all foreigners. We’re just ordinary people like the rest of them. Haha I just realised how deep that all was for a fashion blog. I tend to over think

And this is how Pakistan’s first street style blog came into being!

So I asked her to give a list of her favorite outfits she found (in no random order). And here they are.

I'm in the top ten! Woohoo!
I’m in the top ten! Woohoo!

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Snow Cold Melt

As i walk through the drizzle, my nose turns red. Soon it’s numb. And soon it starts to snow. And as the flakes land on my jacket and melt, i break down; it’s a breakthrough.

All our lives we are made to believe that we can depend on our friends, on strangers and what not to help us get through life. But in the end it’s just us. It starts with hugging tight, then it comes to just hand shakes, and soon it’s left to just craving for hugs, then it’s losing touch, and soon, you’re crying inside, broken with all the pain that you want to share. You hoped you could share it all with the one you held close, but nobody can hold you closer than yourself. You want the warmth to be there with you. You hope it’s still sunny, like you favorite vacation spot. But it’s not a vacation, and it’s real life. In real life, there comes a time when you get buried under ten feet of snow, just trying hard to breathe. It’s hypothermia that kills your insides. Your heart stops beating and the blood stop flowing. Soon, you’re as frozen as the ice you ran away from.


And in three weeks, when the snow melts, you will emerge as a new you. More rough, and ready. Knowing that vacations are there no more. It’s just you. Alone.

And you can’t help but smile. Through all the tick and thin, you came to be indifferent and cold. But the snow melts away, not you…


So I finally completed my third year of blogging today. Big step for me. And this post just happens to be the my 300th post as well.

This year, I wanna focus on things that’ll help me improve my skills. I plan to read more, learn to drive, learn to use Photoshop, and most importantly, study! My studies will always come first. Becoming a dentist is hard. And I don’t wanna flunk again. So even if I post less, I want to feel content with myself because my career comes first.

So speaking of Photoshop, I just learnt to make a gif and this is my first gif. It’s also the first of it’s kind in Pakistani fashion. Enjoy. It’s of The Orientalist collection by The House of Kamiar Rokni.


These three years have been amazing for me and I thank all of my readers for sticking with me through that time. Please pray for my studies and this blog. I shall be very grateful.

Lots of Love,



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