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Flowers in her Silhouette – Daaman S/S ’14 Poetified


Ruffled hair and stringed up pearls
Took the stage and got lost
While water fed the dry throats
Knowing what the seeds would cost.

And they paid off well
When they saw the air.
They blossomed, shone and smiled
Knowing all those eyes cared.

But the spotlight was enough
To speed up the pace
They were there
In their rightful place.

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While I refrain from posting about womenswear, there comes a time around fashion weeks when I just find a collection inspiring enough to make me pen down some poetic thoughts. I have done it in the previous year here, and here, and Daaman’s S/S’14 collection at Fashion Pakistan Week was so inspiring and poetic and floral and cohesive, I just couldn’t help myself.

Daaman is known for it’s amazingly affordable high street fashion, and women all across the nation are in love with this brand. With showing their S/S’14 collection at FPW, it proves that Daaman is here to stay, and keep wowing us with their amazing clothes.

You can see more of their collection here. And buy here.

A fairy light too late

Come into my mind
And get lost.
It’s abuzz with
Popping thoughts.

It’s cheesy
and lame
It was late
At least it came.

It enlightened
Seven years slow
But now i know
my mind can glow.

I have things to say
and words to spell
I have feelings
I need to yell

Meet me
Intimidate me
make me


What Happens to Friendship When You Grow Up

You hide
I hide
And soon times pass
Till we’re
Standing alone
on the dry grass.

Every move
and every step
Making sure
We don’t crack
And don’t find out
We’ve lost
Each others’ backs.


Image: RookiMag, Hold Back the Night

what about the cool kids

trampoline jump

That’s life.

Red filtered glasses
drink and see

Bite the lips
and give in

On a rooftop
with the lights on

and the hearts off.

While you all
with shattered souls
curse this beinng-ness.


to us
the cool ones.

Letting Go

There was no thunder
And there was no rain
It wasn’t that movie-ish,
Dramatic pain.

But you made it a film.
You took the shovel
And dug up the ground
To bury your love,

To bury your soul.

While your eyes rained,
And your cries thundered,
Your breathing blew the dust,
On top of your dreams

And they were buried within –
Within a place
Where they die and decay
While you go on with life

With a hollow pace.

Originally Published in Us Magazine of The News (God knows when)

When Peter Pan Came at My Window

“Come friend,”
He whispered in my ear &
my cat snuggled in with me

“Let’s go!”
He took my hand
“Let’s leave”

“Where?” I asked

“To Neverland”
He said, excited;
Tempting me

I gave in.
I wanted to be free.

So he flew
And I walked
To my balcony

“Tinkerball, where are you?”
He smiled

I thought
Innocent forever
I too will be.

Never grow up
Isn’t that
The real dream?

As I got lost
In thoughts of adventures,
I didn’t see

I was flying
A step out on the air
When she

Snatched my foot;
My cat
Didn’t want me to leave.

It meowed but
All I heard
Was a plea

“You have your own
Ambitions and
Goals yet to achieve,

And if you go
The light of day
They will never see.”

“Oh, dear cat
I love you,but
I don’t love reality

So if I fly away
With Peter Pan,
I will make new dreams.”

As soon as
Those words flew
I started to feel

Sometimes reality
Can be


But that is what
Makes us see
The beauty

Of rare tears
That turn to pearls
When we’re happy.

So I bid farewell
To my

Thanked him for
Trying to
Believe in me.

I cannot
Leave behind
These seeds

Of hope I had
Sewn to grow
Into sunlit trees.

I fed them my tears
And in me first
I need to believe.

So I go back to bed
With my cat at my feet,
I go back to sleep

They’re both the same,

It all depends on
What you
Make them to be

Bye bye Peter Pan
Who will always just stay
My saviour to be.

The Things I do For (My) Love

The people of the arts
fascinate me
And then i
become a freak
Who won’t leave
Till he sees
And believes
It’s meant to be
Leaving them wondering
he’s crazy

But it’s just the art
And I’m sorry
I won’t leave

Don’t be judge-y?

I expect you know
How it feels
to be deceived

Let me be?

Thorned Relationships

Stabbed the hands
That held mine in theirs.

That lead nowhere

In the beautiful roses I gave them
Celebrating this purposeless life we share

With an intention
To not care.

And as hands drifted apart
So did the hearts.

Long live the blood shed!
Long live the foolish trends!
Long live the hands

No more there.