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Taha Piracha and The Case of Approachable High Fashion

Recently, a twitter user complained about the inaccessibility of fashion blogs to common folks and regular people to connect with each other, who can actually wear stuff as regular people on the street. It is true that most of the fashion blogosphere is dominated by high fashion, and bloggers rarely highlight that part of fashion that goes into making everyday wear of a person, who is into fashion, but not high fashion. Such people exist everywhere, and when I go through the search engine terms of my blog, I realize how it is sort of our responsibility to make fashion accessible to everyone. So I have decided to review one such designer who is doing work for the masses and by the engagement level on his Facebook page, I am happy to see our people being into fashion. It sort of makes me realize how it is everyone’s desire to look naturally good, and how much internet access to the common man is making things change.

Taha Piracha is the designer in subject here. When going through his Facebook page here, I quickly realized that his design aesthetic appeals to the youth of today, with an inclination towards eastern wear with a modern twist. Their kurtas have a traditional chic appeal to them that end up being statement makers on their own. But then I stumbled on to their Shirts collection and I realized how such a small tumble through the Facebook pages lead me to discovering a brand that had all that I was looking for. I instantly fell in love with the floral patterned shirt, and that is what I got. Although that was not all that I liked. I really like a paisley patterned maroon shirt on the album. The shirts, made it evident that Taha Piracha had a signature aesthetic that translated from his Kurtas to his Shirts. He had his specialty embroidered shirts, but also had the regular stripes and gingham patterned shirts to make it for every other man.

When I got my shirt from Taha Piracha, I was excited. Usually, when you order clothes online, you kind of end up being disappointed that the colors don’t match, or something is off, But i experienced nothing like this. I was happy with the end product and what really made it great was that the finish of the product was fine. It was nicely stitched and the size fit perfectly. While I could’ve got it custom made to my size, I, unfortunately, due to my hectic lifestyle, could get the regular sizes they had to offer. Yet it fit perfectly. I was lucky enough to have it in time to wear it to the X-Men Days of Future past premiere in Islamabad. Here I am wearing the shirt with Tariq Amin at the premiere (excuse the blurry photo as my little brother took it).


Taha Piracha clothing has prices and styles that make it a brand that knows it’s target market. And the target market is anyone wanting to make a unique statement. While some may argue that fashion blogs are for people with interest in fashion and not for common people, but when it comes to buying clothes, it is everyone’s concern to have the best, and have it under budget. Taha Piracha has kept in mind both these things. Similarly, when the buyer is exploring his/her options, the blogs will ultimately be stumbled upon and the high fashion, and street fashion will inter mix with each other.

Another thing that made me incline towards Taha Piracha is his being vocal against bullying on his Facebook page. He recently made a post on the Pink Shirt Day which is basically an anti-bullying day celebrated across the world. Everyone knows I am very vocal about my experience with bullying and how I am helping spread the word against it.


It is really important to realize that the fashion comes to a point in everyone’s life where almost every earning man thinks before having access to it. To get the thing worth your money is what matters. And in the end, a happy customer means a good business.

you can check out Taha Piracha Clothing on the facebook page here

Intishaar Attemps to “Tharkify” you. And Manages to Succeed!

It’s every day that everybody, specifically Pakistani new artists, keep coming up with unique material. And it’s not every day some of it is actually good. In this race to make themselves stand out, the artists have seem to forgotten that it may be about being unique, but in the end it all comes down to your music and your song. Pakistani underground artists really need to focus on this. Be unique, no one’s telling them not to, but be good.

I recently heard the song “Tharki” by the band Intishaar. My first impression of it was that must be one of those attempts to be cool and I was ready to be disappointed. And indeed I was disappointed; the song is actually good! And the best thing about it is, that it reflects the true meaning if “Tharki-pann” in a really fun way. The song has a tharki telling us about his life. It explains what a tharki looks like, how they think, how they feel, how they work and how they “hunt.” It’s actually a pretty bold attempt at highlighting a negative aspect of our society that everyone seems to talk about but don’t admit. This song is an eye opener and happens to do it with a beautiful sense of humor. Much needed nowadays.

Leaving the humor and the fun aside, this song is meant to have a deeper meaning that just awesome riffs and hooks. It shows us where a lot of youngsters are headed nowadays. It’s become easy to be lead astray and waste time (and money, in view of the song). But if you’re not the philosophical type, then this song is not just for fun and laughing-with-friends-to type but for everyone! This song is a must have if you are into viral music scene and the Paki music scene too. The song is a really catchy song and I’m hooked to it. I hope you will be too. Check it out and like the artists’ Facebook page.

Intishaar - Tharki

Picture taken off their Facebook Page.

We Crave a Different Kind of Buzz


Wearing thrifted denims,
We count steps on the thin inched strings
Till we fall down laughing
And spit out blood stained glitter smiles

And in this hand me down rust
We drive into the outskirts
Hunting for vinyl records
That we’ll play on the way to stars.

This static in front of our eyes
They say it’s blinded us
But they don’t know how it’s our light
It makes us feel loved.

Feeling destroyed swimming in dust
Afraid to be a part of it
We find keys to escape, crave

We exist
In our blood
In this buzz
Our lust.

Life is Not an Instagram Feed: Though These Ten Things Might Help a Little

I passed, my exam. Yes, I did. But the experience was horrible. And it also made me realize that being a blogger is hard. There’s so many doors that open up for you, it get’s confusing. And then you get lost. But when you get lost, that is when you find out who you are.

The past few weeks of my life have been weird, hard and eye opening. It’s tiring. I have so many dreams and ambitions,I just want them to come true. But I forget that there are priorities in life. Sometimes you need to give up on the things you like, just to reach to a better state of mind and soul.

As much as we want our dreams to come true, we forget that there’s always a time and place for everything to happen. And this is not the right time to get our wishes to come true. So here’s what I’m going to do. This is my list of priorities and I’ll try not to forget what comes first and stick to my beliefs and not stray.

Life is not a movie or my instagram feed. People hide who they are on these websites. No one reveals their miserable side, and believe that if they’re happy on facebook, that’s how their real life is. So here’s the things i need to focus on.

1. Studies always come first. And if I can’t study, then there’s always.

2. Sleep. being a med student is hard enough as it is, and with all my interests and extra curricular activities piling up, I forget to rest and then spend the day dozing in class, which in turn affects my studies.

 3. Reading more. I had stopped reading books, but now I’m back to it. A famous american professor once read my manuscript and he said that even though my words speak volumes of my talent, they shout louder how much more I need to read. And now I realize how true it is. Being a writer is not just about writing, it’s about reading too. So it doesn’t matter if i read ten pages of a novel daily, at least i’m reading.

4. Writing for more newspapers. I feel like I have the potential to grow, and I have so much to say. Blogging isn’t that effective where I come from. In Pakistan, to make a name, you need to get published in a few famous magazines. So I’ll try working my way up. And try not to forget my blog. I will ficus on my prose, and my poetry too.

5. Try to find ways to earn pocket money. As I grow up, I see how I shouldn’t be bothering my parents for little wishes i can make do without, like a new phone or a tablet. So I should start saving up and earning money to save up. Be more responsible and understand that I’m not supposed to be a burden on my family. Writing for newspapers just might help me out. And buy lots of clothes!

6. Family comes first. My parents are right, that they are right. As i keep growing up, I see how my rebellious nature is just baseless and nothing with a solid reason. I need to learn to admit I am wrong. Besides, i spend too much time away from them that i sometimes miss them. Even though it’s hard to be family, but the love is undeniable!

7. Relax on weekends. I go to college during  weekdays, and spend the weekends out working on assignments that i never get paid for. As exciting and fun as it is, it tires me out really bad. I need to relax more.

8. Write on weekends. Yes, as stupid as it sounds, I do need to rest on weekdays too, I spend 12 hours daily on college and that’s really tough. The last thing I need is to spend all that time in front of the computer screen typing with a heavy head, knowing how very less productive it is.

9. Stay in touch with the people who are sincere to me. Life is deceiving, and you often fail to realize who truly loves you, but once you do, stick close to them. I miss my friends. A lot. And i live too far away from them, so it makes me realize of their importance even more. One just can’t live without them!

10. Finding myself and carving a niche. Like I said, I have so much to do and say. I have two years more left of college to figure it all out and find my way. I’m gonna take it slow IA.

Wish me luck! I just might not be alive tomorrow, so please pray all goes well.

NUST Olympiad 2013: The good, bad, awesomeness! (Day 1 & 2)

Nust Olympiad Logo

Day 1:

For me day one meant running away from college in a hurry and getting to the NUST H-12 campus in uniform in public transport with friends (Their first time, they thought of it as an adventure) so that I could reach in time for the opening ceremony. While everyone stood at the reception looking their best in their colorful clothes, I stood in the line wearing a white shirt and steel grey pants in my prescription sunglasses. Looking like a fool and waiting for the bus to take us to the NIT auditorium, I felt excited. Entering the hall in and attending the opening ceremony in sun glasses sounds more weird. But it was fun. Hunger Games themes video for the opening ceremony and seriously professional short words by the important people on the stage meant it was a well planned opening ceremony and not a boring one. And thus the odds were in the favor of the winners.

While the rest of the peoplewent for the Human Flag (A replica of the Pakistan flag with lots and lots of people placing themselves holding green and white boards) I got caught up in a problem with my accommodation. Thanks to the liaison people for helping me out with the issue. Yes, I had paid, and thank you for informing me. It took me three hours, but they were helpful and I had to bother like, ten people to get me a place to stay. Which I totally did not avail because all my clothes (and my toothbrush, dentist in the making here) were at home.

So by the time I got free with the stay issue, it was evening. And that is when the fun began. The lok virsa started. I heard it was fun. ‘Cuz I didn’t attend it as I had to go home. Living far away in a village has it’s perks. And cons too. But I had fun too. Went with a really good friend to have ice cream and window shopping for clothes. And I reached home with a ticket to the lok virsa that I did not attend.

I got to meet old friends and so many new people. Now THAT counts, right? *confused smile*

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Day 2:

So i reached the campus at 9 in the morning only to find out what an awesome event the lok virsa was, with all it’s fire breathers and cultural dances. AAAH! I missed it. But whatever, I could only focus on what stood ahead. Excited to be participating in the Literary Death Match against a couple of my friends. My best friend was against me. But well, I beat her to get to the final rounds and after writing and delivering my poem, I get to find out I have to wait till the next night to get to know the results. Well, That wasn’t bad. Just one and a half more day.

So I spent the rest of the roaming around campus, getting pictures taken and attending no event and eating ice cream all alone as I was just running after my friends whom I couldn’t find. I finally found them at the Wall Climbing area. And Man, those contestants were great! It was fun to see people jumping like monkeys (sorry, but that’s how some of you looked). Then as the sun set, I made way to the footsal gorund where I had heard that nearly 30 teams participated. That makes about 150 people! Seeing my friends play there was fun and meeting up with them was even funner. While on the sides girls’ basketball went on. And one of my friends was off with her charcoal sketching competition.

And after having lots and lots of water (I don’t take soft drinks) that every person seemed to get me after finding out I just drink that and won’t take anything else, I finally managed to cope up with the dehydration. And when I got a hold of myself, I was in a really good place; The surprise social. And it was really great. The dance performance and the play by the students of FUMC were really really good. Also the duo playing acoutics songs. They were pretty cool. But the limelight was all on the play Akar Bakar which had recently been staged at Al-hamra in Lahore (Review to come soon). Now that was something you would expect to be quality and it was. The only downside was that the play started nearly three hours later than scheduled and a lot of people had to run back home.

So while I went to utilize the accommodation I had payed for, I didn’t realize how I would sleep. We all were given mats to sleep on the floor. It rained in the night and I couldn’t figure out how to turn the fan slow without hurting anyone’s feelings, and while I went to slow down the fan (I couldn’t figure out how to so gave up) and turned back, my sheet that was protecting me from the cold had vanished…

At least the day was fun!

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I am sorry if I missed out on any events. These are just the ones I had attended. You can look up the full list of events on the website here. Pictures courtesy: NUST Olympiad Facebook Page here

Alpha Hemolytic, What??? Oh, Beauty in Rust!

Hemolytic is a word of biology which means “Red Blood Cell Destroying” and it’s the title of the post because I wrote it during my microbiology class and the title suits the post as well.

It’s hard to let go of the rope. There’s just so many people hanging on to it. But not right now. Right now it’s just you. But one can’t help but worry that you’ve only got so much strengths, is it enough for more? When making life affecting decisions such as my career, I often wonder why follow the the trend of the safe jobs? Why not take risks and do something new? Be an entrepreneur? Top ten jobs of 2010 hadn’t even existed in 2004. So am I right to opt to be different?

This quest that I’m on – to be different- is messing up with my head. I can’t seem to like anything because everyone has it or does it. But then I feel glad. I am different. I know it’s hard. Sometimes I breakdown. I spend sleepless nights just wondering about how to be who I wanna be. I don’t care now if I follow a rusted and broken path. There is beauty even in a rusted nail; all you have to do is find the perfect angle and focus on the rust to look better than a gold ring.



You’ve already stumbled here. Why not make the best of it? So rip the sleeves off your shirts and inter-sew the collars and pockets of different shirts the ride is bumpy and the funkier you look, the better. you might fall in the end, put the blame on the people who pushed you too it, or you might end up happy. Though no one will be responsible for having fun but you. So make the most of what you have. And keep rolling like a lathe stone that gathers moss and forget about the rope.

Let’s have fun till people come.

Sometimes You’re Scared, But Good Catches You While You Fall

When you leave your Facebook account logged in a public place and someone posts a status update through your profile. Luckily the status is to warn you to never do it again…

When you get out of the cab and after a few minutes you look for your cell and find out it’s too late. But turns out it was just there fallen on the ground where you were standing…

When you go home with the groceries and you find out you forgot the thing your dad wanted. And you run back 20 minutes to the market fearing the shopkeeper is going to deny you ever bough it, but he welcomes you back with a smile and returns what you bought…

When you are out with your friends and in carelessness you spend all your money thinking you will have enough left for your bus fare. Turns out it’s just 55% of the fare. You start freaking out ‘cuz your friends are on their way and you’re all alone on the bus stop. And when you get on the bus, the conductor gives you the kiddy bus pass instead of the adult one…

When you have half time left to attempt the paper and you wanna go home ‘cuz you think you’ve completed the paper. But the invigilator makes you sit for an hour more and won’t let you go. All you are left is to stare at the paper you’ve solved. And then you find out you’ve missed a question and hadn’t solved it…

My Message to the Humsafar Production Team (The Delay of Episode 20)

(This message is based purely on a rumor spreading around Facebook and the internet i.e. Hareem (Khirad and Ashar’s daughter) has to die according to the original plot and now the Humsafar production team is changing the ending because the viewers would be hurt cuz of this. Thus the delay of this Saturday’s episode)


My mother had preapred the tv lounge for 8 o Clock and brought the blanket and chips to the lounge and asked our guests (and her children i.e me and my bros) to wait for an hour till dinner is served. She fought for the remote and when she got in the sofa in her blanket and munched on the chips, she was shocked to find the episode of the Pakistani nation’s new guilty pleasure to be the previous one i.e. Humsafar did not air it’s 20th epsisode.

Everyone was devestated and soon people took to the only frustration outlet they know how to use; Facebook. Well, the social scene was filled with youngsters and moms all over the country talking and obsessing over this spectacle pulled by HumTv. And so these pity talks lead to the generation of the rumor that forced me to write this letter. Hareem is going to die and they didn’t air this episode because the finale is now being re-shot to amend to the people’s emotion. People who won’t even remember it and forget it just like any other happy bollywood/Star Plus Fantasy ending.

Dear Humsafar Production Team

I have a request. Please don’t change the ending of Humsafar. If Hareem has to die, please let her. I know that the sentiments of the people mean a lot to the production team but this is no excuse to not go with the intended path.

I know that it is the fans that make the show, but we need to realize that the person (Humsafar in this case) would be thrown rocks at and harsh comments too to change who he/she is. That does not mean he/she should change just because the people say so.

I personally believe that if Hareem has to die, let her. Nothing is more memorable than knowing how tears flowed down a gazillion people’s cheeks on a certain drama (Tipu Sultan is a huge example as i remember cutting my finger at the finale when Tipu Sultan died as i was cutting the cucumbers for dinner that night) and how everyone has their own version of how the tears affected them. All the famous short stories usually have a sad ending and so do a lot of novels. I agree that happiness is worth more than sadness, but doing this to Humsafar will damage the image it has created. The only reason Humsafar was so famous in the first place was because of Khirad’s sad turn of fate and how it made the heart of the audience/viewers melt.

It is all up to you to do what you like and this is just one opinion of a person who watches Humsafar in front of the millions who do just like him. As a Humsafar follower, i felt my need to express myself over how crazy missing of one episode of Humsafar. But please whatever you do, don’t listen to what the people have to say. If they are true fans of the show, they will surely understand why what happened.

A Pakistani Boy

P.s. Someone tells me that Hareem doesn’t die at the end of the novel ;) How cool is that??? The fuss over nothing, we Pakistani’s love :D