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TrendiLike: The Short Suit

Shorts are summer essential. And what menswear has now the option to go for is the Short Suit. Basically it’s just a suit where the pants are replace by the shorts. It something that seems unconventional but when worn, looks pretty good. Yes, it seems like a weird thing at first, but come on! So much is happening in menswear, you gotta give this a try too!

While girls have had the option to go for skirts with their jackets, now men can flaunt those toned calves in their Short Suit!

How cool!

Taha Piracha and The Case of Approachable High Fashion

Recently, a twitter user complained about the inaccessibility of fashion blogs to common folks and regular people to connect with each other, who can actually wear stuff as regular people on the street. It is true that most of the fashion blogosphere is dominated by high fashion, and bloggers rarely highlight that part of fashion that goes into making everyday wear of a person, who is into fashion, but not high fashion. Such people exist everywhere, and when I go through the search engine terms of my blog, I realize how it is sort of our responsibility to make fashion accessible to everyone. So I have decided to review one such designer who is doing work for the masses and by the engagement level on his Facebook page, I am happy to see our people being into fashion. It sort of makes me realize how it is everyone’s desire to look naturally good, and how much internet access to the common man is making things change.

Taha Piracha is the designer in subject here. When going through his Facebook page here, I quickly realized that his design aesthetic appeals to the youth of today, with an inclination towards eastern wear with a modern twist. Their kurtas have a traditional chic appeal to them that end up being statement makers on their own. But then I stumbled on to their Shirts collection and I realized how such a small tumble through the Facebook pages lead me to discovering a brand that had all that I was looking for. I instantly fell in love with the floral patterned shirt, and that is what I got. Although that was not all that I liked. I really like a paisley patterned maroon shirt on the album. The shirts, made it evident that Taha Piracha had a signature aesthetic that translated from his Kurtas to his Shirts. He had his specialty embroidered shirts, but also had the regular stripes and gingham patterned shirts to make it for every other man.

When I got my shirt from Taha Piracha, I was excited. Usually, when you order clothes online, you kind of end up being disappointed that the colors don’t match, or something is off, But i experienced nothing like this. I was happy with the end product and what really made it great was that the finish of the product was fine. It was nicely stitched and the size fit perfectly. While I could’ve got it custom made to my size, I, unfortunately, due to my hectic lifestyle, could get the regular sizes they had to offer. Yet it fit perfectly. I was lucky enough to have it in time to wear it to the X-Men Days of Future past premiere in Islamabad. Here I am wearing the shirt with Tariq Amin at the premiere (excuse the blurry photo as my little brother took it).


Taha Piracha clothing has prices and styles that make it a brand that knows it’s target market. And the target market is anyone wanting to make a unique statement. While some may argue that fashion blogs are for people with interest in fashion and not for common people, but when it comes to buying clothes, it is everyone’s concern to have the best, and have it under budget. Taha Piracha has kept in mind both these things. Similarly, when the buyer is exploring his/her options, the blogs will ultimately be stumbled upon and the high fashion, and street fashion will inter mix with each other.

Another thing that made me incline towards Taha Piracha is his being vocal against bullying on his Facebook page. He recently made a post on the Pink Shirt Day which is basically an anti-bullying day celebrated across the world. Everyone knows I am very vocal about my experience with bullying and how I am helping spread the word against it.


It is really important to realize that the fashion comes to a point in everyone’s life where almost every earning man thinks before having access to it. To get the thing worth your money is what matters. And in the end, a happy customer means a good business.

you can check out Taha Piracha Clothing on the facebook page here

ShootILike: Emraan Rajput for G.L.A.M Magazine

Emraan Rajput has a come a long way from being the underdog to being named among the current menswear designers worth going to. And, this shoot is a testament to the fact that he will keep evolving.


The shoot features his Dark Romance collection and was published in G.L.A.M Magazine.

What I like about the shoot is that it has a very modern touch to it. It’s sophisticated, dapper and artsy, I have to say that it’s a great start to a new year for menswear in Pakistan. It’s grungy enough to not throw the light away from the perfect suits the model is donning.

It’s Contemporary.

It’s Chic.

It’s fun.

It’s young.

And I can’t help but love it!

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Pictures Courtesy: Emraan Rajput’s

Designer Emraan Rajput’s collection DARK ROMANCE photographed & Grooming styled.with hair Alee’ Hassan Modeled by Yasser Published in G.L.A.M Magazine

Let’s Not be Too Quick to Judge: There’s a difference b/w copying and trending!

In fashion, a lot of things look the same, lots of designs and ideas. And when you look into menswear, well, there’s not much you can do. Quality aside, a lot of suits and jackets look the same. And when a lot things are the same ,you call it a trend. Nobody accuses the designer of copying stuff. Well, some copy very well, and it’s very obvious it’s a copy and not an original. Some call the copying to be inspiration but then again, a copy is something very different from a trend. A trend is your take on something, and copy is well, not thinking on your own. Somebody once told me that just because the bubble skirt was invented by a certain designer, doesn’t mean others can’t put their take on it. YSL is known to have invented the suit for the woman, but today, nobody will diss any designer who comes up with their line of suits for woman and claim that it’s unoriginal or copied. Sometimes, things just are that way.

With the ending of the Bridal event of the year, PLBW, a lot of talk is going about town how Elan might have copied a certain Indian Designer in one of their designs. Let’s discuss that keeping in mind what I have already said, trend vs copying. Clearly, one glance at the picture and you might think Elan has copied the other designer, but look again.The pattern of the embellishments is very different from one another.


We at the sub continent share certain roots with our neighboring country India and one of them happens to be the wedding culture. So we can clearly say that within the limits of this region, certain aspects of our design philosophies might coincide. And here, they do clash. And this similarity can be defined as a trend. And what might that trend be? Well, for all those who are too quick to jump to conclusions, it’s called “Gradual Growing Motif.” Just like tribal/ethnic prints and punk are gonna dominate the ramp internationally (clothes and accessories alike), and no one will accuse of designers copying each other, similarly gradual growing motif will be just another trend that people should get used to the fact is a trend. Burberry came out with the hearts on their stuff for their A/W’13 collection and ever since it hit the runway last year, we’ve been seen the hearts on a lot of (less) famous clothing lines. But then again, it’s a trend, not a copy.

Smile! It's a trend!  Ali Xeeshan's Showstopper piece with the trend.
Smile! It’s a trend!
Ali Xeeshan’s Showstopper piece with the trend.

Noor Jehan, the wife of the Mughal EmporerJehangir is known to have reinvented the dull and bland jewelry of the sub continent. And over the course of time, her reinvention has been reinterpreted and reinvented to the point where we have so much variety and trends even in jewelry, which I can assure you are very much similar to the ones we will see within all of the sub continent. Similiary, sharing roots with India is bound lead to formation of trends to be followed. Just know beforehand that it’s a trend, not a copy, not a rip off. A trend.