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Innovation and Desirability, Distressed

As a fashion blogger, and that too menswear, I am always looking for things that are exciting and new. I emphasize on the word “innovation” a lot and while I do believe designers in Pakistan have their concerns when it comes to experimentation because the ones on the receiving end are not always responsive, sometimes a designer needs to focus on innovation just for the sake of it. And if a designer keeps in mind the wear-ability of the collection along with experimentation, this makes the collection more fun. Because sometimes the people need to be told and showed what they want, or like.

The house of Arsalan Iqbal showcased the unisex, androgynous collection “Cargwar” at PSFW last year and with their new collection “Desirability Distressed” , Arsalan Iqbal hopes to bring out the creative side of denim in Pakistan Continue reading Innovation and Desirability, Distressed

Turning Up The Summer Heat With Stoneage

The summer is almost upon us and it’s time to go for some new wardrobe shopping. I was discussing a couple of days ago with a celebrity journalist the condition of high street fashion brands in Pakistan and one name that kept coming under “consistently good over the years” was Stoneage. I love the fact about them that they have churned out quality denim over the years and have been “consistent” with the quality of the clothes they are making. Continue reading Turning Up The Summer Heat With Stoneage

Emraan Rajput’s Vision of Military Fashion

Everyday of our lives, in Pakistan, we are wondering so many things and so much is happening at the same time that it is hard to let these things go unnoticed. So obviously, these things end up influencing the kind of art coming from this region. You can see it in the pieces our artists are churning out at art exhibits, and you can see it in the poems our writers are writing. Even our novels are not free of the influence.

So naturally, it comes out in Fashion too. Continue reading Emraan Rajput’s Vision of Military Fashion

Spring Florals With Munib Nawaz

With groomswear industry dominating the menswear section of the fashion industry, it  was good to see the bridal fashion weeks paying good attention to menswear this time around. I wrote about the menswear trends from PLBW. But this time around, i’m going to talk about the Telenor Bridal Couture Week. Continue reading Spring Florals With Munib Nawaz

Style Icon: The PIA Ground and Cabin Crew

As times change and trends come and go, we look back at the past and think of the things that inspire(d) us. While we look at style icons from Hollywood, Bollywood, Fashion, Music and so many other places, we forget that people out there in the real life are also style inspirations and we can look at them to reinvent our wardrobes.

One of those group of people is the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Ground and Cabin crew from the good old days. Their wardrobes were stylish, colorful and so contemporary. As PIA is set to introduce their new wardrobe today, lets look back at the time when flying in style started in Pakistan. Continue reading Style Icon: The PIA Ground and Cabin Crew

The Truck Art Revolution and Rizwan Beyg

’tis the time to be retro
’tis the time to be merry
for colors are ruling the world
yet the trend’s in no hurry to flurry

Back in 2013 when Rizwan Beyg showed his Truck Art collection at PSFW, it wowed the critics and fans alike and left a mark on our hearts that still hasn’t gone away. Continue reading The Truck Art Revolution and Rizwan Beyg

Photo Diary: Kayseria Vision Store Opening

The new Kayseria Vision store opened up in H Block, Defense, Lahore.

The space has been created in collaboration with the fresco master Ustad Saif-Ur-Rehman and it looks beautiful. Continue reading Photo Diary: Kayseria Vision Store Opening

How VFiles is Changing the Way We Consume Fashion

Back in August, when I was taking a break from dental school and going on this self discovery/betterment road, I stumbled upon this series called Model Files on YouTube. As I watched the teeny tiny episode, I realized that this is the ultimate fashion reality tv show i was looking for (The first episode came out in May 2012). Except it wasn’t tv. It was online. But it was so much better than so many shows out there. So I finished the three seasons in one go. What made it work for me was that the show was so raw, and so detailed with inside information, and the cattiness aside, it showed how people in the fashion industry mingle, think, party, and work, from designers, to models, to casting agents. Even our protagonist is the casting agent, Preston, whose personality represents all that fashion industry is.

And VFiles represents all that fashion is now.

Continue reading How VFiles is Changing the Way We Consume Fashion

DEEPAK PERWANI – Everything But the Girl

If you go back and look at the history of menswear, you will be seeing Deepak Perwani’s name a lot and look at the brand now and you’ll see it has established itself as a prominent womenswear brand now. But what came as a shocker was the announcement that Deepak Perwani will now be showcasing an only menswear collection at the A/W Fashion Pakistan Week. Continue reading DEEPAK PERWANI – Everything But the Girl

Imran Abbas for Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop

Imran Abbas is one of those Pakistani actors who’s gone across the border and tried to make a mark. While his debut might not have hit the right notes on the box office, it did manage to land him in a coveted position of one of a good subject for a fashion shoot; as displayed in this recent shoot in Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop’s Magazine.

Read the whole feature here along with Imran’s interview. See the full pictures from the shoot below Continue reading Imran Abbas for Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop