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Illustrating PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week – by Mahoor Jamal

Mahoor is just awesome. If you don’t know her already, you should. She did the FPW illustrations for me too. You can check em out here.

So Basically she’s a med student from Peshawar, who left a career in medicine to pursue her passion; art. And I think it is very important to support talented people following their dreams. So you can see here right now how talented she is. Here she illustrates PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2015.

Check out her work on instagram here, and her facebook here. Continue reading Illustrating PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week – by Mahoor Jamal

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week – By LahoreWala

I love going through instagram photographers and I believe our country has a lot of talent. So in order to find myself the kind aesthetic i like, I looked on instagram for a photographer to collaborate with for the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2015, and I stumbled upon @LahoreWala‘s profile after hours of research. You have seen my previous collaboration with Fahhad Rajper here, but this time around, Shahroze, the guy behind @LahoreWala had something new to offer to me since I was tagging along with him on the red carpet just shooting instructions at him. He was so patient to have listened to me all along.

So Muhammad Shahroze is actually an Architectural Engineer from UET Lahore and works as an engineer. He pursues photography as a passion and his instagram is amazing. It’s kind of fun to work with him as well as he’s a great listener and gave me the kind of work i wanted. He also dresses very well too, like, he knows what accessories are and he dressed so cool on days 2, 3 and 4. Casual, but edgy.

So here is his work on the ramp for my blog. Don’t forget to leave him love in your comments below Continue reading PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week – By LahoreWala

Photo Diary: Backstage With Republic S/S’15

So Omer Farooq was kind enough to let me cover the Republic S/S’15 collection from backstage. He also let me style it up a bit which is very generous of him since I think I changed a lot of looks. And it was an amazing experience to be backstage. Here are a few shots of the clothes up close in the edits that i like.  Continue reading Photo Diary: Backstage With Republic S/S’15

The Disappointing Menswear at Fashion Pakistan Week

When it was Fashion Pakistan Week A/W 2014-15, I was excited for the fact that menswear was coming back and a lot of designers showed menswear. But I don’t know why and where things went wrong that the menswear shown at this year’s Fashion Pakistan Week seemed to come across anything but tasteful. Continue reading The Disappointing Menswear at Fashion Pakistan Week

Fashion Pakistan Week – by Fahhad Rajper

So Fahhad Rajper is an amazing photographer i found on instagram and since I couldn’t go to Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week 2015, he was kind enough to cover it for me. You can check out his work on facebook here, and instagram (my personal favorite) here.

His work is really beautiful and it really resonated with the kind of work I like. So he went and got m  exactly what I wanted, which was his forte anyway.

Show him some love and make sure you let me know what you think, in the comments section below

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Zaheer Abbas

Continue reading Fashion Pakistan Week – by Fahhad Rajper

Grey Denim Jacket – Worn Three Ways

I haven’t done an outfit post in a really long time. But I wanted to talk about my recent steal and how i’ve been obsessed with it. Continue reading Grey Denim Jacket – Worn Three Ways

Menswear Trends for Spring/Summer 2015

Continue reading Menswear Trends for Spring/Summer 2015

Innovation and Desirability, Distressed

As a fashion blogger, and that too menswear, I am always looking for things that are exciting and new. I emphasize on the word “innovation” a lot and while I do believe designers in Pakistan have their concerns when it comes to experimentation because the ones on the receiving end are not always responsive, sometimes a designer needs to focus on innovation just for the sake of it. And if a designer keeps in mind the wear-ability of the collection along with experimentation, this makes the collection more fun. Because sometimes the people need to be told and showed what they want, or like.

The house of Arsalan Iqbal showcased the unisex, androgynous collection “Cargwar” at PSFW last year and with their new collection “Desirability Distressed” , Arsalan Iqbal hopes to bring out the creative side of denim in Pakistan Continue reading Innovation and Desirability, Distressed

Turning Up The Summer Heat With Stoneage

The summer is almost upon us and it’s time to go for some new wardrobe shopping. I was discussing a couple of days ago with a celebrity journalist the condition of high street fashion brands in Pakistan and one name that kept coming under “consistently good over the years” was Stoneage. I love the fact about them that they have churned out quality denim over the years and have been “consistent” with the quality of the clothes they are making. Continue reading Turning Up The Summer Heat With Stoneage

Emraan Rajput’s Vision of Military Fashion

Everyday of our lives, in Pakistan, we are wondering so many things and so much is happening at the same time that it is hard to let these things go unnoticed. So obviously, these things end up influencing the kind of art coming from this region. You can see it in the pieces our artists are churning out at art exhibits, and you can see it in the poems our writers are writing. Even our novels are not free of the influence.

So naturally, it comes out in Fashion too. Continue reading Emraan Rajput’s Vision of Military Fashion