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4th Feature at IFB Links à la Mode: Werables

I am humbled and honored to have been selected the fourth time by the editors at Independent Fashion Bloggers for their weekly top links feature Links à la Mode.

The post that got selected this time is


My previous posts that made it to the feature were

1- Existentialism and Fashion in Pakistan

2- 5 Innovative Collections from London Collections: Men + Trends off LCM

3- Bareeze Man S/S’14 – The Dapper Road Trip.

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Now that fashion month has kicked off, one of the things that we’ll be thinking as the new season hits the runways is, “Is it wearable?” Well, not just the runways, in technology too. The “Internet of Things” gives us some interesting accessories to incorporate into our look. And just in time too… with school back in session, what better way to accessorize, than with things that make you smarter?

Links à la Mode: September 4th

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3rd Feature at IFB Links à la Mode: What Really Matters

I am honored to have been selected the third time by IFB for the weekly Links a la Mode section of Independent Fashion Bloggers. It’s a big deal to be selected out of so many submissions, and having over a 60,000 members i’m so humbled to be among the lucky few to have been selected.

This time, the post selected is

Bareeze Man S/S’14 – The Dapper Road Trip.

My previous posts that made it to the feature were

1. Existentialism and Fashion in Pakistan

2. 5 Innovative Collections from London Collections: Men + Trends off LCM

You can read the posts by clicking on their names.

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What Really Matters

This week has been rough for a lot of us. The news is full of terrible things. Sometimes it’s hard to focus when the world seems to be descending into chaos. But, at the end of the day, we all have to show up to our regular lives. Family, friends, work, creating the best life possible. Sometimes fashion seems, well, not the highest on the list of priorities, so sometimes you just have to return to the basics, the classics to work for you while you get your life on track. It’s not all about the clothes.

Links à la Mode: August 14

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Bareezé MAN S/S 2014 – The Dapper Road Trip

We’ve had a dearth of sartorially lovable menswear brands in Pakistan that cater to a westernized approach to clothing. But latelly things have been changing. One of the game changers to enter the really really shallow waters of Paki menswear is Bareeze MAN. They’ve been active for over two years but now they’ve gone bigger than before by actively showing their Spring/Summer 2014 collection not only at PSFW but also at the recently held Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Amsterdam.


The collection, obviously is themed around the modern traveler who likes to look good while going on the road trips. The earthy tones of sunset orange, brown, white and blue make it obvious that it chose to hit a spot close to nature, for a road trip through the city is never really a road trip. It stems from the glorious mountains you pass through, the cross roads that confuse you, the waters that seduce you, and the roads that lead to nowhere.

This collection is a homage to the modern man that has the ability to not succumb to the concrete. This collection is a journey of innocence, that connects man to what made him, and in return, falling in love with one’s self all over. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a very masculine collection, too. It’s a basic collection for every man to be worn every day. From work to partying, to hitting the road, it has it all.



The one at PSFW featured menswear staples that are a must for every man to have in the wardrobe, maybe even the jumpsuit, since it’s making waves everywhere. But what differed was the details this time.

The leather, the suede, the white pants, and the shoes; everything was distinctively modern and spot on!


The orange camo print jacket/waist coat was heartbreakingly amazing. I loved the leather accents through and through.


The styling, I admit, looked better than at PSFW. Somehow, the collection seemed more enticing this time, thanks to the styling.

And once again, we look forward to the progress Bareeze MAN will bring to the Pakistani Menswear.

Here are some of the backstage images.

10563018_929231647092739_2596963624010696329_n 10534677_929231583759412_5296111139975077408_n 10517701_929231737092730_6155526813194241051_n 10501853_929231733759397_7769604226445941904_n 10500368_929231507092753_4841809690536107561_n 10492178_929231563759414_654152714697861278_n 10458024_929231540426083_6871071690476729202_n


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Images Courtesy: Bareeze Man Facebook Page

The Lost Case of Androgyny – Arsalan Iqbal at PSFW

Lets be honest, there never really was any, androgyny out in the Pakistani fashion scene.  Sure, there’s a picture of Fia Sofia and Rubia Butt trying to look like a man. But that won’t make the cut for androgyny.  With androgyny, we mean Tilda Swinton, and David Bowie, and that girl from Katy Perry’s lyric video of Unconditionally where the model looks like Leo DiCap. So you see, it’s a very tricky thing to handle, this androgyny, and when it comes to creating a collection that makes use of such elements, one is treading on thin ice. It’s delicate, and if you slip, you drown. Sure, using androgynous looking models can work, but lets be honest, where do we have that in Pakistan?

arsalan iqbal cargwar psfw pfdc

So it came as a genuine surprise that the menswear designer Arsalan Iqbal decided to walk on this ice, and that too while making his debut as a womenswear designer as well. He was at the same time, debuting at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, so it needed to be a collection that left its mark. And with the concept as such, his Cargwar collection dealt with androgyny and true to the meaning of Cargwar, utility. Utility was an essential part of the collection. And the theme of Odysseus and the concept of it was very artsy.

When I first saw the collection on the ramp, i was left confused and my initial reaction was a direction away from the collection. It took me some time to digest all the monotony of the collection. But this confusion lead me to think a lot about the collection. And as I went through the details of it, is when I understood how truly androgynous the collection really was. The lowers and the upper pieces, when dissected as separates, made it clear how well conceptualized the collection was. It was made for anyone, any girl, and any boy. It had the ability to be worn by both sexes, and it exuded a sort of mysteriousness one would associate with androgyny. White is the perfect colour for that and it was the dominant one in the collection.

Recently Updated3

The lowers, worn by guys and girls alike and all their various forms; jodhpurs, harem pants, shalwars etc are more in focus for me, as the way they were designed, it kind of resonates with the hipster approach I have towards fashion. It’s skinny, it’s loose, and it’s essentially unique. We rarely get such kinds of lowers in Pakistan for the guys, and even the girls, i assume!

Another factor that got me inclined a lot towards the collection was the use of metallic studs and the rivets. Nothing speaks Punk more than studs/spikes on clothes, and gives of a careless attitude, and along with that, adds a youthful sense to the clothes. It’s good to see designers focusing on the youthfulness of clothes. Yes, the business man has always known to pay to look good, but in this gadget infested youth of today, individuality and labels make a huge part of their lives, and the House of Arsalan Iqbal is catering to us with this collection. As for the older people, you can always go with the tops.

Recently Updated4

Another thing that the collection highlighted a lot of was the footwear. Man! It was breaking my heart, it was THAT good!

Recently Updated5

So you see, with a grown fashion industry I am sure that we will get more and more collections that can sell and stick to a theme. With collections as monotonous yet so diverse in characteristic as this, here’s hoping the Pakistani menswear industry grows beyond the staples!

Ramp Images Courtesy: Fasisal Farooqi and his team at Dragonfly

Taha Piracha and The Case of Approachable High Fashion

Recently, a twitter user complained about the inaccessibility of fashion blogs to common folks and regular people to connect with each other, who can actually wear stuff as regular people on the street. It is true that most of the fashion blogosphere is dominated by high fashion, and bloggers rarely highlight that part of fashion that goes into making everyday wear of a person, who is into fashion, but not high fashion. Such people exist everywhere, and when I go through the search engine terms of my blog, I realize how it is sort of our responsibility to make fashion accessible to everyone. So I have decided to review one such designer who is doing work for the masses and by the engagement level on his Facebook page, I am happy to see our people being into fashion. It sort of makes me realize how it is everyone’s desire to look naturally good, and how much internet access to the common man is making things change.

Taha Piracha is the designer in subject here. When going through his Facebook page here, I quickly realized that his design aesthetic appeals to the youth of today, with an inclination towards eastern wear with a modern twist. Their kurtas have a traditional chic appeal to them that end up being statement makers on their own. But then I stumbled on to their Shirts collection and I realized how such a small tumble through the Facebook pages lead me to discovering a brand that had all that I was looking for. I instantly fell in love with the floral patterned shirt, and that is what I got. Although that was not all that I liked. I really like a paisley patterned maroon shirt on the album. The shirts, made it evident that Taha Piracha had a signature aesthetic that translated from his Kurtas to his Shirts. He had his specialty embroidered shirts, but also had the regular stripes and gingham patterned shirts to make it for every other man.

When I got my shirt from Taha Piracha, I was excited. Usually, when you order clothes online, you kind of end up being disappointed that the colors don’t match, or something is off, But i experienced nothing like this. I was happy with the end product and what really made it great was that the finish of the product was fine. It was nicely stitched and the size fit perfectly. While I could’ve got it custom made to my size, I, unfortunately, due to my hectic lifestyle, could get the regular sizes they had to offer. Yet it fit perfectly. I was lucky enough to have it in time to wear it to the X-Men Days of Future past premiere in Islamabad. Here I am wearing the shirt with Tariq Amin at the premiere (excuse the blurry photo as my little brother took it).


Taha Piracha clothing has prices and styles that make it a brand that knows it’s target market. And the target market is anyone wanting to make a unique statement. While some may argue that fashion blogs are for people with interest in fashion and not for common people, but when it comes to buying clothes, it is everyone’s concern to have the best, and have it under budget. Taha Piracha has kept in mind both these things. Similarly, when the buyer is exploring his/her options, the blogs will ultimately be stumbled upon and the high fashion, and street fashion will inter mix with each other.

Another thing that made me incline towards Taha Piracha is his being vocal against bullying on his Facebook page. He recently made a post on the Pink Shirt Day which is basically an anti-bullying day celebrated across the world. Everyone knows I am very vocal about my experience with bullying and how I am helping spread the word against it.


It is really important to realize that the fashion comes to a point in everyone’s life where almost every earning man thinks before having access to it. To get the thing worth your money is what matters. And in the end, a happy customer means a good business.

you can check out Taha Piracha Clothing on the facebook page here



Zara Dark collection. It’s grunge inspired. Those pants are <3 ! I had a pair like that, but someone asked for it so I gave them mine. Now I just can’t seem to find any like that. It’s a shame how the wardrobe upgrade options here are so limited. People are just too…safe. Like the lives they live. And the choices they make.

I think it’s very important to differentiate between fame and being recognized for your work. Working for fame is just…scary. It’s kind of like a hollow fruit. But knowing the world recognizes you for your work, your skill, your art, THAT is what we should go for, in case we want fame. I think that this whole fascination with fifteen minutes of fame is scary. It ruins lives. It ruins ambitions. It ruins whatever you have inside you that can shine. Just…strive to be the best you, fame is not important. Just be yourself, your best self. Fame will come along if it has to.

The quote in the title is my own.


A New Series I Want to Start Regularly After My Exams

I like fashion. Like a lot. But I also love writing poetry. Like a lot. And I can leave neither. So I came up with this idea to write about the collections I like, and the pictures I like in poetry form. Now I know I am limited to menswear, but there’s just something about poetry that can never be generic, even if fashion is devided into menswear or womenswear. I wanna write as much as I can, but let’s see how it goes.

So I have decided to take images from the fashion blog Sartorialist and caption them with my poems. I will try to do this at least once a week. At least. All I ask you in return is to please help spread the word about it when I do start it.

The thing is, I cannot stop writing. Never. No matter what goes on in my life, I just can’t stay away from it. So combinign both the things that I like will maybe help, I think.

Let me know what you guys think. Here’s a glipmse of it.

Staring off into the distant sky
I try to fly, I try to fly
And when they try to cut my wings
I look around and find things
To keep me occupied.
A perfect pair of shoes that fits
My outfit
Gives me wings
So I can fly
And I can try


I know I’m just another nobody blogger some people have started looking up to, but I believe if I keep doing what I want, I will be more content. Hope to hear back from you guys!

LookILike: Ahmed Bham at the TDAP

The TDAP (Trade Developement Authority of Pakistan) recently organized an expo that featured fashion shows over the two days it was held. Now we all know that there is a hell of a dearth of good menswear designers in Pakistan, and those designers who do show, well, we know how much of a disaster they can be (read here). But what’s commendable is that the TDAP chose one of the top menswear designer to showcase at the Expo and it was a very wise decision. Ahmed Bham is known for his impeccable work in which he spares no attention to the details, the concept and the cohesiveness. Him, and Omar Farooq of REPUBLILC, can very well be the dapper design king and prince, respectively, of Pakistan.

Ahmed Bham’s collection at the TDAP Expo was a modern man’s wardrobe dream. It features sharp jackets and great suits for any occasion. Throwing in a punch of color was fun and made the clothes more enjoyable and modern.

My fav look from the runway has to be the blue suit. I love it!

Picture Courtesy: ebuzzToday
Picture Courtesy: eBuzzToday

See more of the collection in the slideshow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

TrendiLike: The Man Bag (or the satchel or the backpack or anything bag-like)

  • Man Bags
  • Satchels
  • Messenger Bags
  • iPad Covers
  • Laptop Covers
  • Leather Folders

All of these are the accessories you need to make your wardrobe look amazing!

It’s the digital age and a lot of people carry a lot of gadgets now, so smartphones have made it easier to carry all in one. But there are some people, like me, who like to keep all their stuff with them at the same time and all together. Plus, i have a fear of things getting stolen so I like to carry a bag with me all the time. And that is why, this trend is a must to sport. Besides, you know you want to carry out your laptop out there in a stylish way out on the street. And for the more dapper man, you just can’t go wrong with it in your matching suit!

Ditch the brief case for this.

And we know we’re students. Let the lose stringged bag go and try the backpack. You should know that from the S/S ’14 menswear runways, the backpack was a big trend. So why not take up on the trend and opt for this amazing good looking option instead?

Now you know, you can have amazing laptop covers for your laptop and make your outfit look great!

Rizwan Beyg's truck art bag is just a must have item for the Paki metro man! Image Courtesy: Rizwan's twitter
Rizwan Beyg’s truck art bag is just a must have item for the Paki metro man!
Image Courtesy: Rizwan’s twitter
Here you go, the world’s most idolized man is carrying one, so what’s stopping you??
You can go for a simple one like this too!
tribal prints are sooo in nowadays! Having a tribal print backpack would be Ah-mazing!
See how cool the satchel looks! It compliments the outfit so well!
I'm loving this red leather messenger bag from Al Inc. Available at daraaz.pk. buy here.
I’m loving this red leather messenger bag from Al Inc. Available at daraaz.pk. buy here.
This white iPad cover is so chic! available at daraaz.pk. Buy here.
This white iPad cover is so chic! available at daraaz.pk. Buy here.
This vintage bag from Al Inc is so cool! Don't you just love it! Buy here.
This vintage bag from Al Inc is so cool! Don’t you just love it! Buy here.
Here blogger Marcel Floruss shows us his essentials, and it has the backpack! OneDapperStreet.com
Here blogger Marcel Floruss shows us his essentials, and it has the backpack! OneDapperStreet.com

And for some outfit inspirations, check out the top Blogger Adam Gallagher’s few looks from his lookbook.nu account

Or, if you’re an avid writer like me, then I guess one leather notebook should do for you, no?