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Taha Piracha and The Case of Approachable High Fashion

Recently, a twitter user complained about the inaccessibility of fashion blogs to common folks and regular people to connect with each other, who can actually wear stuff as regular people on the street. It is true that most of the fashion blogosphere is dominated by high fashion, and bloggers rarely highlight that part of fashion that goes into making everyday wear of a person, who is into fashion, but not high fashion. Such people exist everywhere, and when I go through the search engine terms of my blog, I realize how it is sort of our responsibility to make fashion accessible to everyone. So I have decided to review one such designer who is doing work for the masses and by the engagement level on his Facebook page, I am happy to see our people being into fashion. It sort of makes me realize how it is everyone’s desire to look naturally good, and how much internet access to the common man is making things change.

Taha Piracha is the designer in subject here. When going through his Facebook page here, I quickly realized that his design aesthetic appeals to the youth of today, with an inclination towards eastern wear with a modern twist. Their kurtas have a traditional chic appeal to them that end up being statement makers on their own. But then I stumbled on to their Shirts collection and I realized how such a small tumble through the Facebook pages lead me to discovering a brand that had all that I was looking for. I instantly fell in love with the floral patterned shirt, and that is what I got. Although that was not all that I liked. I really like a paisley patterned maroon shirt on the album. The shirts, made it evident that Taha Piracha had a signature aesthetic that translated from his Kurtas to his Shirts. He had his specialty embroidered shirts, but also had the regular stripes and gingham patterned shirts to make it for every other man.

When I got my shirt from Taha Piracha, I was excited. Usually, when you order clothes online, you kind of end up being disappointed that the colors don’t match, or something is off, But i experienced nothing like this. I was happy with the end product and what really made it great was that the finish of the product was fine. It was nicely stitched and the size fit perfectly. While I could’ve got it custom made to my size, I, unfortunately, due to my hectic lifestyle, could get the regular sizes they had to offer. Yet it fit perfectly. I was lucky enough to have it in time to wear it to the X-Men Days of Future past premiere in Islamabad. Here I am wearing the shirt with Tariq Amin at the premiere (excuse the blurry photo as my little brother took it).


Taha Piracha clothing has prices and styles that make it a brand that knows it’s target market. And the target market is anyone wanting to make a unique statement. While some may argue that fashion blogs are for people with interest in fashion and not for common people, but when it comes to buying clothes, it is everyone’s concern to have the best, and have it under budget. Taha Piracha has kept in mind both these things. Similarly, when the buyer is exploring his/her options, the blogs will ultimately be stumbled upon and the high fashion, and street fashion will inter mix with each other.

Another thing that made me incline towards Taha Piracha is his being vocal against bullying on his Facebook page. He recently made a post on the Pink Shirt Day which is basically an anti-bullying day celebrated across the world. Everyone knows I am very vocal about my experience with bullying and how I am helping spread the word against it.


It is really important to realize that the fashion comes to a point in everyone’s life where almost every earning man thinks before having access to it. To get the thing worth your money is what matters. And in the end, a happy customer means a good business.

you can check out Taha Piracha Clothing on the facebook page here

Taha ‘n Rauhan – The Dreaming Duo

We all have had glimpses of a few vloggers from our land and their videos going viral. And keeping up with the trend of YouTube artists, Pakistan is not far behind. There’s a following for YouTube musicians too! Whether you’re a rocker or a pop fanatic, the online music scene is paving pay for great local musicians who aspire to reach to a larger audience and social media has played a huge role in helping them succeed. One of the great things about it is that anyone can be “someone” and it’s a growing industry. Plus, not everyone has the means to grow through “the usual way of record labels.” It’s a new world, and indie is hip.

Speaking of hip; So is this amazing duo of these young YouTube musicians I stumbled upon a long time ago. With amazing voices and melodies to their cover/mash-up song “Chasing Cars/Yaheen” I felt like these guys have something to them. The reason I say this is because anyone can judge the song choice to be an easy one to belt. But they way they have belted it out, it’s actually worth getting hooked to. At least it got replayed on my iPod quite a few times, and trust me, THAT is rare. And what’s worth noting is that these guys got invited to play at the biggest social musical festival of Pakistan “MusicLatte” (sounds cool, right? If you’re a hipster-like me-that’s another reason for you to give them a try, they scream Music and LATTE!). The song is soft, mellow and sweet. The way they handled the transitioning of lyrics from English to Urdu actually adds to the beauty of the song.

Taha 'n Rauhan

Besides this song of theirs that made me become a fan, they’ve released a couple of other covers as well which includes a cover of the Back Street Boys’ song “I want it that way” which is quite catchy. Might get on your head though. Which is good. Depends on if it bothers you during class or work! But these boys are talented. And what I like about them more is that they know what they are (rising to stardom-I hope-) and don’t hesitate to work with aspiring artists like themselves e.g this cover that I just mentioned features Abdullah Qureshi, on the vocals as well which is very appreciative. Did you know they are currently ranked number 5 in Pakistan on ReverbNation, an international music website for aspiring musicians? Now that’s something!

This new brand of social-media-created musicians is humble and know who they are because they’re young and still students and put their studies first. I know this because of following them on Facebook  They are the living examples of dreams coming true and bashing the people who claim that this country is a talent depreciating nation. They prove that dreams should be followed, but studies matter too. They’re the perfect idols for wanna-be singers who think work/singing is everything. In this fast paced era, it’s easy to fade away as quickly as the arrival of a new smart phone but these guys are here to stay. And I wish them all the best.

So why don’t you enjoy this awesome song I fell in love with and let me know what you think? Also, like their Facebook page here while you’re at it. Also, keep your eyes (and ears!) open for their new cover coming out soon. If you loved this song, then i’m betting you’d like that one too!